Upgrade to Citrix Files

We’re fortunate to live in an age where a new digital tool is only a few clicks away, with someone, somewhere, always creating the next great productivity application to shave some time off of our digital grind. The issue we’re now facing is that we have too many options, and deciding which tool is right can be tough.

That’s why we are excited to offer Citrix Files for Windows and Citrix Files for Mac.

Citrix Files for Windows and Citrix Files for Mac brings all the great features of Drive Mapper, the ShareFile Desktop App and ShareFile Sync for Mac into one unified experience.

  1. Users can access all their files without performing a full sync.
  2. With offline access, users can modify the file on the go and once the user reconnects their device, all their local changes are synced back to their account. Any changes made to an item the user has marked offline is also synced down locally to their device.
  3. Citrix Files gives users fantastic collaboration features, and a consistent experience across platforms.

The new solution gives users less complexity. It works in Windows Explorer and macOS Finder, providing the features necessary to stay productive. Not only that, we’re adding even more functionality to the end-user experience, and simplifying the administration and management for admins.

Click here to learn more about the great features and capabilities of Citrix Files:

For all ShareFile Sync for Mac Users:

ShareFile Sync users can migrate data and settings from ShareFile Sync to Citrix Files for Mac using the Help menu.

Users with ShareFile Sync installed have an option to migrate to using Citrix Files in the Help Menu. The Offline settings from sync will be applied to files within Citrix Files, and users do not need to re-download files that have already been synced.

NOTE: Migration to Citrix Files is optional and is not happening automatically

Click the links below to download Citrix Files:

Download Citrix Files for Windows

Download Citrix Files for Mac

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