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The Downside to Transferring Large Files Online with a Free Service

When it’s time to transfer large files online, you have to factor in certain limitations, such as upload size limits, normal email attachment allowance and more. Free services may not deliver what you need. It’s time to consider a secure and trustworthy file-transferring service.

No matter if your transfer is for professional or personal purposes, it’s important to have peace of mind that you will successfully complete the task and avoid any unwanted error messages.

What are my options?

There are plenty of large file transferring options. You’re no longer restricted to relying on email, USB drives, in-network exchanges or FTP. But, with all the available options, it can be challenging to choose among the crowd.

You may be inclined to use a free service even if it means sacrificing some features and security, but we don’t advise it. At the end of the day, the risks are too great. Issues you could run into include:

 ● Having to break up large files in order to complete the transfer due to 1-2 GB size limits.

 ● A painfully slow upload process that just results in a “failed to complete” error message.

 ● Any number of internal and external security threats that could have been prevented with encryption, firewalls, virus scanners and other necessary security features.

Most of us who are looking to transfer larger files online are often also want to store those files somewhere that both we and our receivers can access them later. Sure, you can sign up with multiple free sharing and storage sites to accumulate enough gigabytes, but that just further increases the number of file locations you have to keep track of and puts your files at a greater security risk.

So why not find a service with all the features you need at an affordable price from day one? That’s where Citrix ShareFile comes in.

Make large file transfers online simple, secure and efficient

ShareFile offers four levels of file storage and transferring services, including a customizable enterprise service that allows you send large files of up to 100 GB and comes with unlimited storage.

All of our plans were designed with businesses in mind, with the goal of enhancing and streamlining your daily workflow. They include:

Up to 10 GB for sending files with a normal email through a customizable share link URL or our easily downloadable ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. Our user-friendly plugin enables you send files directly from your desktop and other applications.

Customized branding so your business’s image is always present.

Mobile and desktop access, meaning you can access your files from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Unlimited file versioning so you always have access to previous files.

24/7 telephone and email support, should you need help.

Multi-factor security, including firewall protection, virus scanners and industry-standard encryption to protect your data both in transfers and at rest in our servers.

Learn more about how ShareFile can help you simplify transferring large files online today.