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Transfer Big Files of 10 GB for Free

With Citrix ShareFile, you can store and transfer big files free for 30 days just by signing up for a no-obligation trial. Setup is easy and you'll be sharing large files of up to 10 GB in just minutes.

See why millions of professionals across dozens of industries around the globe use ShareFile for transferring large files easily, efficiently and securely.

Big. Free. File transfer.

With ShareFile, there's nothing to download and no need for an IT expert to get started. You'll be transferring big, 10 GB files in just minutes. Your free trial includes:

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Accounts for five employees
  • Portals customized to your company's logo, colors and brand feel
  • Round-the-clock telephone and email support
  • AES 256-bit encryption during both transfer and storage
  • A Microsoft Outlook plugin
  • Desktop folder syncing
  • Security for mobile device use
  • User management tool
  • File check-in and check-out

The transfer of large files requires the utmost in both ease of use and security and the benefits of ShareFile don't end with the above features.

  1. Our email plugin gives you the freedom to send large files through your email without the size restrictions posed by most email systems.
  2. Files can be sent in view-only forms, eliminating the risk of unwarranted or ill-advised changes.
  3. Documents can be shared with an unlimited number of clients, allowing for widespread use with airtight security.
  4. Use your iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device to share files on the go, anytime you please.
  5. Our security features include state-of-the-art encryption, file versioning with activity tracking, download alerts, password control, secure datacenters, remote wipe and so much more.
  6. Our four distinct plans offer a little something for everyone, whether you're self-employed or an enterprise-level corporation.

If you're ready to take file transferring to the next level, sign up for your free trial today or call 1 800-441-3453 to learn more.