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Three Easy Ways to Transfer 10 GB Files in ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile has three easy ways for users to transfer large 10 GB files. Each is intuitive and provides users with the functionality and ability to share presentations, videos and other large files with clients, co-workers and pertinent individuals. No matter how you choose to share, ShareFile makes it simple.

Did someone send you an email with an attachment? You can access that attachment anytime, anywhere by sending it directly to a folder in your account. ShareFile makes it easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions here, and any attached files will be uploaded to ShareFile. You'll be able to peruse the file on your tablet, phone, desktop computer or any other device you use to access ShareFile.

Email with ShareFile

You can also quickly and securely send files through email. There are two ways to do this. The Email with ShareFile system sends the recipient a secure link to download a file you have in your account. The File Box system lets you send links for any files on your computer, even if you haven't uploaded them to ShareFile.

Before you send your secure link to the recipient to download the file, you can customize a message, request a notification email so you know when the download link is used, require recipients to log in, set an expiration time for the download link and even limit the number of downloads per user.

Create a link

The Get a Link option allows you to quickly generate a link to a secure download of your files. Just as with email, you can send a file stored in the FileBox or one that's already been uploaded to ShareFile. Customize your link so it's clear what the recipient is downloading; you can even add multiple files to one link. You can also opt to receive a notification email when the recipient clicks your download link. Once you've generated the link to your file(s), just send it to the recipient via text message, instant message, email or your preferred method of communication. It's never been easier to transfer 10 GB files in just a few clicks!

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