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Use a Usage Report to Track File Sharing

Citrix ShareFile offers a wide variety of reports so you can track file sharing and clearly understand how your colleagues and clients are using ShareFile. The usage report leaves an audit trail and has several options that provide useful data to your business.

What does the usage report tell me?

The usage report offers several detailed data points. You can run the report on the account as a whole, or just on a specific file or a specific user. If you run the report on a folder, you can also include activity from the subfolders.

The usage report is all about activity. It includes any logins through mobile and desktop apps and all downloads of files or folders. If you have a Virtual Data Room, file views are also recorded. Files or folders that have been uploaded, deleted, renamed, moved or restored from the Recycle Bin are also documented in the usage report. Additionally, the creation of folders, subfolders, notes and URLs added to folders are reported. You will see the date; item name (the user, file path or folder name); type of activity; user name, email and company; IP address and location of the computer where the action took place.

Why would I want a usage report?

There are several potential situations in which a usage report would be helpful for security reasons. If an inappropriate person receives access to a file, for example, you can use the usage report to determine which user invited that person to share the file. If a user is suddenly missing files or no longer has access to certain documents, you can discover why and when the restriction took place by tracking down the user who imposed it. You may not look at a usage report often, but when you need it, ShareFile provides you with all of the relevant data.

How do I get a usage report?

Only administrative users or employee users with access to account-wide reporting permissions can generate usage reports. Simply click on the Admin link in the navigation bar and select Reporting. Click the Create Report button, select Usage and click Next to customize your options. Once the report is generated, you can view and download it in the reporting menu.

If you want to set up a recurring report, just check the Recurring option when you're creating the usage report. You can run daily, weekly or monthly reports, and they will be shared automatically on your account. Once you've created a recurring report, you can share it with other users.

ShareFile provides users with the functionality they need and generates any reports necessary. Track file sharing, see who has access to which files and make sure your security is tight using our reporting features.

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