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"Insurance Firm Saves Time, Tracks Confirmations and Supports HIPAA Compliance with Citrix ShareFile"

About the company

TPA Benefits is a privately-held, full-service insurance and employee benefits broker serving companies and individuals in Virginia. Its focus is on health, dental, disability, life and long-term care benefits for approximately 100 group clients and over 200 individual clients. Founded in 2002, TPA Benefits boasts of more than 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and is based in Richmond, Virginia.

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Citrix ShareFile


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“The part that we love the best is that we can send something to the carriers and get a timestamped email back when they open the document. That has proved invaluable to us. It’s amazing how many times they say, ‘We didn’t get the file,’ and we reply, ‘Yes, you did,’ and copy and paste from the notification email. A few minutes later we can see them go back and download it again!”

-Alan Jones, owner of TPA Benefits


Working remotely, TPA Benefits’ employees needed to share protected health information (PHI) with carriers and clients while still supporting HIPAA compliance. Many insurance applications include patients’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers and even credit card numbers. To comply with standards, TPA Benefits employees transmitted them by faxes or different secure links for each carrier. Either approach was time consuming and costly for the business to use.


After trying other options, TPA Benefits discovered in 2012 that Citrix ShareFile could support HIPAA compliance for PHI, giving the team peace of mind when sending and receiving client information. With ShareFile, team members need less than 30 seconds to upload PDF documents and send their files securely for download. ShareFile also lets TPA Benefits’ employees store files securely on the cloud rather than a server, where they can take up space and need backups frequently.


• Notifications for every file downloaded fromor uploaded to the company’s ShareFileaccount makes it easy to track and document them, improving workflow efficiency.

• Files can be securely shared on the cloud with an unlimited amount of storage. ShareFile uses SSAE 16 Type II certified datacenters, proven and trusted cloud infrastructure.

• There are no hassles of having to print and scan materials to be faxed, allowing the company to meet deadlines faster.

• TPA Benefits team members can sync all of the firm’s files automatically to the cloud and across devices, including mobile ones, so that everyone has the most up-to-date information.


To learn more about what ShareFile can do for your firm, please visit ShareFile for Insurance.