Top five ShareFile shortcuts

Save seconds and maximize minutes with these quick time-saving apps

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1. Sync (PC and Mac)

Automatically keep ShareFile files and folders in sync with your computer

  • Access and edit documents directly on your computer instead of the web application
  • Files stored in ShareFile and on your computer
  • Creates mirror image of ShareFile so you can work with files online or offli n

2. Desktop App (PC and Mac)

Store files in ShareFile, with easy access on your desktop

  • Access files online from your desktop, without opening a browser
  • Only store files in the cloud, thereby saving space on your computer
  • Open and edit Microsoft files within the Desktop App (no need to download the file first)

3. The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook (PC and Mac)

Easily encrypt email attachments and the body of your email, if desired, directly within Microsoft Outlook

  • Share large, secure files directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Encrypt the body of your email messages for added security*
  • Request secure files with one click

4. Print to ShareFile (PC)

Use the ShareFile Print command from any application to create PDFs and save directly to ShareFile

  • Behaves like “save as PDF”
  • Upload files from other programs and applications to ShareFile (ex: QuickBooks)
  • Email with ShareFile without leaving your other programs or applications (ex: QuickBooks)

5. Mobile Apps (Android and iPhone)Log in and Download now

Use your smart phone or tablet to access ShareFile anywhere

  • Available for download in Google Play and the Apple App Store
  • Take photos on your mobile device and upload to ShareFile
  • View, edit, annotate and share files on the go

* Available on select plans and PCs only

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