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Three Ways Construction Firms Save with ShareFile

By Sarah Gould, Citrix ShareFile

Construction firms trust Citrix ShareFile for efficient, cost-effective file transfer. Here are three ways ShareFile helps professionals in construction and architecture organize and share project files from anywhere.

1. Get specs, drawings and project updates anywhere, any time.

Construction requires a high level of mobility and simple tools that won’t distract you from your work. Fortunately, ShareFile helps you connect from any computer or mobile device. Log in to your web-based account or mobile app to get updated project files anywhere work takes you. Check details, edit files or annotate PDFs right from the job site. There’s no need to print files before leaving the office. ShareFile syncs data across all your devices, so you have the right information available every time.

2. Never print, assemble and mail big packages again.

Physically preparing and shipping bid packages is a time-consuming and costly way to share project files. With ShareFile, you can simply sync project files to an online folder and allow potential subcontractors to review the files from any computer or mobile device they choose. ShareFile allows you to create as many project folders and share with as many people as you wish, all from one, consolidated online space. Unlike email, with ShareFile you can share entire bid packages and large drawings effortlessly.

3. Save time with every exchange.

Your time is too valuable to spend making sure you sent the right attachment or dealing with FTP technical issues. When you store files with ShareFile, managing them instantly becomes easier. When you create new versions of a file, ShareFile saves them for you, allowing you to track progress. With synchronization, the newest version is always available on any phone, tablet or computer you use for work. 

Access lists clearly show whom you’ve shared project files with, and automatic email notifications keep everyone aware of updates. With an intuitive web interface, any user can manage and share files without any need for programming or advanced technical knowledge.

Try ShareFile today. Learn more at ShareFile for Construction, or call 1-888-324-0167 for a complimentary demonstration.