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Three Ways Citrix ShareFile Helps Real Estate Professionals

Whether you work in a residential brokerage, commercial brokerage, property management or development company, you need a cost-effective, simple tool to exchange and store sensitive data fast and stay ahead of the competition. Here are three reasons why ShareFile for Real Estate should be your trusted solution for simple, secure and professional file sharing, syncing, editing and access, as well as legally binding e-signatures.

1. You and your clients can easily send, receive and access files on the go.

You could waste time sharing large files via mail, fax, multiple emails or other cumbersome methods, or you could enjoy the unparalleled ease of use of ShareFile. Its seamless Microsoft Outlook integration lets you exchange files up to 100 GB right from your inbox with just a few clicks. Or you can get a custom-branded portal to give clients and agents a way to access their files in a secure login space right on your website.

Access and share your files from any laptop, smartphone or tablet — anytime, anywhere — with our mobile apps. Edit Microsoft Office documents and PDFs from your mobile devices right in your ShareFile account. Tools such as file check-in/check-out and desktop sync automatically synchronize files across all devices to eliminate the risk of using outdated files, while allowing you to track changes and streamline collaboration, whether you’re out in the field, in the office or anywhere else. Don’t worry about adding files as needed either — unlimited cloud storage makes ShareFile ideal to save images of properties, documents and more.

With all these features, ShareFile is a step up from other transaction management tools. Also, there are no software downloads, usernames or passwords required for your users, as well as no limit or extra charges on the number of people with whom you can exchange files.

2. Clients get peace of mind with a secure way to exchange confidential information.

With centralized secure file exchange and storage, ShareFile supports compliance with industry regulations and archives data safely. Encrypted email protects the body and all attachments of an email, and recipients can respond with an encrypted email even if they aren’t ShareFile customers. Additionally, ShareFile protects files and client data during transfer with SSL/TLS encryption protocols and in storage using AES 256-bit encryption, the same used by the U.S. government. Our state-of-the-art storage uses SSAE 16 Type II certified datacenters, proven and trusted cloud infrastructure.

You are in administrative control of your data with ShareFile, thanks to more than 25 customizable permissions settings and granular security controls. Clients and agents gain access to only the files you want them to see. You can remotely wipe your device if it’s ever lost or stolen to keep your data safe no matter what happens.

With ShareFile, you can send and receive investor reports, owner reports, disclosures, executing contracts, financial documents and other sensitive data safely anywhere 24/7. Commercial brokers can use ShareFile as a virtual data room (VDR) that serves as a place where they can go and share data, such as large reports like due diligence environmental audits, securely when buying properties. You always know you can trust ShareFile to keep your data safe.

3. You get contracts signed quickly, easily and professionally with legally binding e-signature.

Efficient electronic signatures, or e-signatures, allow you to complete lease agreements and applications and other transactions faster than using paper documents. The integrated e-signature solution from ShareFile provides fast, simple, reliable documentation that ensures full compliance with U.S. laws.

Your clients can fill out a document and sign with a hand-drawn signature using a mouse or touchscreen, just like pen and paper. Recipients know exactly where to sign thanks to highlighted text fields and checkboxes. Automated email alerts will remind recipients that they have a document to sign and notify you when they have received, opened and signed the document.

The advantage of using e-signature is you no longer have to track down clients or chase signatures. And keeping records of them is simple too, as documents sent for signature from ShareFile are automatically returned to their original folders once signed. This paperless tool will save you time, help with client communication and expedite your workflow.

Vetted and approved by the American Land Title Association, ShareFile has more than 60,000 business accounts and more than 20 million users worldwide. It’s easy to start using ShareFile too, because there’s no contracts. No setup fees. No support fees. Instead, you’ll get unlimited 24/7 customer support, live training sessions and white glove onboarding for your staff and clients.

See why ShareFile is the trusted choice for file sharing, storage, e-signature and data security in the Real Estate industry. Try it free for 30 days!