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Three Must-Haves for Business Mobility

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Top tools and features for your mobile office

More and more businesses are making moves toward going mobile. With benefits like increased productivity, cost savings, and the freedom to work from anywhere, businesses must embrace mobility in order to maintain their place in the market.

But with so many different mobile technologies to consider, how do you know which solution is the right choice for you and your team? And how do you use it in a way that gives you the maximum return on investment?

First, you should seek out a solution that promises reliable remote access. Start with a cloud-based file-sharing platform that offers robust mobile apps, unlimited storage and anytime access so collaboration is a swift and easy process for you, your team and your clients. Second, be sure your solution is as accessible as it is secure. Look for features like file encryption, admin controls, and activity tracking that use workflow audit trails, configurable permissions and reporting tools so you always know who has access to what. Finally, make sure your mobile solution provides unlimited customer support that’s available anytime you need it – 24/7. When you’ve found a solution that includes these three core features, you can be certain you’ll have the tools you need to succeed in the world of mobile business.

Reliable Remote Access: One of the most common barriers to mobility is establishing reliable remote access so you and your team can collaborate as effectively and efficiently as possible. In fact, 41% of businesses find data and information retrieval isn’t available to team members when they need it the most (1). You need to be confident that your important documents and data are safe and secure yet readily available and accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device.

"41% of businesses find data and information retrieval isn’t available to team members when needed."

Aberdeen Group, "Improve Safety, Accuracy and Productivity with Mobility”

By adopting a built-for-business mobile solution that offers anytime access through a variety of robust mobile apps, you and your team can manage projects just as easily from a smartphone or tablet as you can from the office desktop.

Security and Control: Providing an accessible yet secure mobile solution for your business is a constant balance of the scales. In fact, 46% of businesses view establishing a secure network for their mobile solution as their largest challenge (2).

One of the reasons there’s concern over security is due to the blurring of lines between professional and personal device usage. With 54% of businesses allowing employees to access their company’s network from any mobile device, you need to be certain that the mobile apps you use promise secure file sync and share and offer ways to manage who has access to what information (3).

"46% of businesses view establishing a secure network for their mobile solution as their largest challenge."

Thomas-Aguilar, "2015 State of Business Mobility Report"

Support when You Need it: Finally, you should seek out mobile technology that’s built on the promise of professional customer support. In a world where people depend on technology to do their jobs effectively, you should expect your mobile solution to provide customer care that’s available to you and your team whenever it’s needed. For example, cloud-based solutions like ShareFile include 24/7 localized customer support that’s always available and armed with answers to get you back up and running. ShareFile’s customer care team also provides complimentary onboarding and customized training to ensure you and your team know how to use the features that are relevant to your business needs and industry requirements. By choosing a mobile solution with a strong commitment to customer service, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind in knowing you have the support you need where ever the job takes you.

The Right Mobile Solution for Your Business: Businesses that embrace mobility gain an edge over competitors by establishing a culture of collaboration and high productivity. By incorporating a trusted, built-for-business mobile solution like Citrix ShareFile, you and your team will have the freedom to expand and progress with the security and oversight to ensure reliable access and quality control. With easy-to-use, secure and accessible apps that teams need to share resources and collaborate effectively, ShareFile customers are free to focus on the work that matters instead of worrying about the technology.

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