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"The Secure, Simple Solution for Accounting Firms of Any Size � Citrix ShareFile"

Get real value during tax season and beyond with the tool that offers safe and quick exchange of large files, unlimited storage, secure backup, remote access, legally binding e-signatures and more. With ShareFile, you have a secure cloud-based solution that’s easy to use for you and your clients, fosters collaboration and pays for itself throughout the year.

How ShareFile helps accountants and their clients save time

ShareFile does more than allow you to send and receive large, confidential files up to 100 GB — it lets you store and access as many files and forms as desired in one central repository with just a few clicks. It’s an easier way to archive, reference and retrieve past tax documents and other client information than rummaging through paper files or emails stored in different places.

You can also collaborate simultaneously on one document, as ShareFile can sync files across devices so that each work station has access to the same files, and enjoy other features that promote efficiency. ShareFile creates an integrated workflow that cuts your costs and impresses clients with your professionalism while giving you more time to work with them.

A survey found that 95% of ShareFile customers are likely to recommend it to others.

Why? Read on!

An easier way to tackle tax season 

Tired of dealing with mounds of paper, CDs, thumb drives, following up on signatures and waiting on the mail? Since we provide unlimited live training sessions and white glove onboarding for your staff and clients, implementing ShareFile is a lot easier than you think.

ShareFile also integrates with your existing systems and tax software so it’s simple to use when storing and sharing documents. The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook lets you send large files right from your inbox, and clients can send you files of any size electronically. Other professional integrations let you scan printed client files directly to your ShareFile account on any Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to reduce paperwork, as well as link electronic source documents securely in QuickBooks Online without size restrictions and with permanent storage and backup in ShareFile. And your clients will never need software downloads, usernames or passwords to access their files.

Security for all areas of your business

Your clients trust you with their financial information, so shouldn’t you use top security at all times? ShareFile stores your files with the same state-of-the-art encryption protocol used by the federal government. Secure datacenters in the cloud keep your information backed up and updated. For sharing, password-protected PDFs fail to provide the protection of encrypted email from ShareFile. With encrypted email, sensitive information contained in the email’s body and its attachments supports FINRA and HIPAA compliance and industry standards.

With RightSignature, you can obtain IRS-accepted hand-drawn electronic signatures for documents and have them automatically returned to your ShareFile account. It’s virtually impossible for clients to miss a field on a form.

These and other measures lessen your security worries and allow you to spend more time working on tasks that generate income. With ShareFile, you have an all-in-one solution to safeguard your documents every step of the way while improving efficiency.

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