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The Seamless File-Sharing and E-Signature Solution for Insurance Professionals

Enjoy easy, reliable secure email, file sharing and storage along with a simple way to get your applications and policies signed electronically. Citrix ShareFile + RightSignature lets property and casualty insurance professionals securely access, exchange, store and track documents and obtain legally binding e-signatures in minutes. It’s collaboration made easy — no contracts or hassles included.

Key benefits
• Send and receive files of any size, up to 100 GB in a single email, right from your inbox.
• Receive instant notifications when files are downloaded for faster follow up.
• Get documents signed as much as 93 percent faster, giving you more time for more clients.
• Give your clients a trustworthy, professional-looking way to sign documents anywhere without paper.

ShareFile: Easy file management

A better way to manage your workflow and a faster, more secure way to help customers

Why waste time sending or receiving files using email, mail, fax, personal delivery and other inconvenient methods? Can you know the second someone receives that piece of mail and whether or not they opened it? With ShareFile, you can send and receive contracts, applications, policies and other documents of any size by email — and the best part is you’ll know exactly the moment a recipient receives and opens a file. You can manage and track your documents for quicker follow up. You and your clients can upload, access and exchange files and emails securely and instantly from any computer or mobile device.

Key features:
• Share policies, applications and other documents up to 100 GB in size with just a few clicks.
• Access, share, edit and request files on the go with ShareFile mobile apps for any iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device.
• Streamline work with file check-in/check-out and desktop sync tools, which eliminate the risk of someone using outdated files.
• Track customers and get notifications when they have opened files for quick follow-up.

RightSignature: Virtually mistake-proof signatures

Faster, reliable documentation that’s simple to use

A legally binding signature method, RightSignature ensures full compliance with U.S. laws. Your policies and applications feel more trustworthy to clients who fill out a document and sign with a hand-drawn signature using a mouse or touchscreen, just like pen and paper. This paperless solution saves time and helps with client communication, legal documents and more. You no longer have to track down clients or chase signatures. And RightSignature works seamlessly with ShareFile — documents sent for signature from ShareFile are automatically returned to their original folders once signed.

Key features:
• Upload any document for your client to fill out with text fields, checkboxes and a hand-drawn signature placed directly on your document.
• Enjoy automated email alerts that remind your recipients and notify you when they have received, read and signed the document.
• Never receive an incomplete form again — RightSignature tells your recipients exactly where to sign.

“I use RightSignature to get signatures on all our important documents, and it’s improved the turnaround time significantly. It’s fast, it’s easy, I know when people receive it.”

-Jenifer Howard MakerBot

Why ShareFile + RightSignature?

Simplicity and ease of use — ShareFile + RightSignature have elegant, intuitive user interfaces, with no downloads required, so everyone on your team and clients are up and running within minutes. No matter whether your business employs 1 or 1,000, ShareFile offers unlimited live training sessions, 24/7 customer support and white glove onboarding for your staff and clients.

Built for business — ShareFile + RightSignature provides industry-specific solutions for business workflows They integrate conveniently with email, desktop and mobile tools to add security and easy file sharing and document signing for you.

Security that supports compliance — Citrix products give you the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank. Sensitive information will not be viewable to anyone except the employees and clients who receive access from you to only the files you want them to see. Your files are sent and stored with up to 256-bit encryption, ensuring protection for your data.

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