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The ROI of Thinking Twice About How You Send Files

Key takeaways:

• Electronic file sharing saves time as well as money. But zip files and Windows FTP clients limit those savings with cumbersome file size restrictions and labor-heavy processes. Citrix ShareFile is an FTP alternative that offers the benefits of FTP software coupled with a myriad of other advantages not available in those open-source offers.

• Using the easiest, cheapest solution, for online file-sharing can end up costing your company big. Many free services have a maximum file size, forcing you to revert to more expensive and less secure means of file sharing, such as mailing CD's or faxing documents. Citrix ShareFile is an industry leader in cloud computing and file sharing services, and is a great alternative to zip files or mailing CDs and flashdrives. With ShareFile, sending big files is simple, enabling you to send and receive folders and files up to 100 GB in size securely with just a few clicks.

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