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The Reliable Solution for Engineering Firms of Any Size

Streamline how you collaborate with architects, clients and co-workers with the top file-sharing and storage solution for engineers. With ShareFile, you get a simple, trustworthy solution for storing, accessing, sharing, editing and receiving massive project files, so you and your team can work fast and efficiently whether in the office or in the field.


How ShareFile helps engineers keep projects moving

With ShareFile, you can instantly send and receive files — renderings, animations specs, and more — up to 100 GB with just a few clicks and say goodbye to unreliable and inefficient methods, such as email, FTP, CDs, thumb drives and courier services. Mobile apps, desktop tools and a user-friendly interface all contribute to help you share more in less time — anytime, on any computer, smartphone or tablet. Your job is complex, but how you share files doesn’t have to be. A survey found 95% of ShareFile customers are likely to recommend it to others. Why? Read on!

Designed with engineers in mind

Worried about operating smoothly and meeting deadlines when files for projects keep getting larger and proliferating? What about having to share and make edits on these massive design files quickly, and then storing, organizing, managing and archiving them in a way that makes sense for everyone to access?

ShareFile is the functional, economical choice to help you meet these challenges. With ShareFile, you get:

+ A simple folder structure system and full-text search for organizing projects.

+ Collaboration tools, including file check-in/check-out and desktop sync, so everyone always has the most up-to-date files.

+ The ability to send files up to 100 GB in size by email — you can even offer a way for others to send large files to you.

+ A legally-binding, instant e-signature tool for contracts, proposals and any other forms. Finally, you get simple file sharing and storage for complex engineering projects.

Peace of mind for IT directors and consultants

You know FTP is difficult for team members to use and email, flash drives and CDs sent by courier services waste time in sharing files externally, yet you have limited resources to address these concerns? So you have to stick with what you know, right?

Wrong. Simple to administer and reliable enough to always meet your needs, ShareFile integrates with your existing systems, including Microsoft Outlook and popular design software, allowing you to break old technology habits and get a better way to share.

+ Send massive project files directly by email.

+ Request project files from outside vendors.

+ Save files directly to ShareFile from any design software.

+ Access, share, edit and request project files anywhere 24/7 on any iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry device.

So go ahead — free up some space on those costly servers and join the cloud. Our unlimited cloud-based storage allows for daily backup and keeps everything safe without clogging up internal resources. It’s the hassle-free way to handle your files.

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