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The Redesigned Citrix ShareFile Mobile App for iPhone

What is the new ShareFile Mobile App for iPhone?

The new ShareFile Mobile App for iPhone is the third generation of our iPhone mobile app. It includes all the features and capabilities of the previous versions of the app, but with improved user navigation and workflows — and a better look, too! The ShareFile Mobile App for iPhone ensures that you and your team can access, share, edit and sync on the go — quickly, easily and professionally.

What’s new?

+ New design: The redesigned app has a completely new interface and design that is easier to use and navigate. Rather than using icons that require you to guess at a function, you’ll now see text menus that clearly outline the actions you can take on any item.

+ New editor: With our mobile-editing tool, you’ll be able to create and edit Microsoft Office documents and annotate PDF files. Now, you not only can share and store your files on the go, but you can easily edit them, too.

+ New menus: Our new slide menu was designed especially for smartphones — which means it works just the way your finger or thumb wants it to. And, the app’s navigation is contextual, so you’ll only see the menu options you need based on what and how many items you’ve selected.

+ New ways to send files: You’ll be able to send multiple files to multiple people in just one step and send a file using ShareFile or other mail accounts on your phone. We’ve also consolidated the sharing options, which means you can send files with fewer steps for faster-than-ever file sharing.

+ New search: The new app also improves the way you sort and search for files and folders — you can even favorite folders directly in the app — and with rapid-scrolling file details, you can always see exactly which file or folder you are selecting at any moment.

Will the app still have the same capabilities as the older app?

Yes, have no fear: The new ShareFile Mobile App for iPhone still has all of the same capabilities and features you know and love — they’re just new and improved!

How do I get the new app for iPhone?

First, you need a ShareFile account. Once you’re set up with a ShareFile account or free trial, you can download the new app from the Apple App Store starting in Spring 2014.

If you do not already have a version of the ShareFile Mobile App on your iPhone, you’ll need to install the most up-to-date version of iOS7. Once that’s done, go to the Apple App Store to download the ShareFile Mobile App.

If you are already using the ShareFile Mobile App on an iPhone, you can simply run an app update to get the new version.

What if I don’t have an iPhone?

New ShareFile Mobile Apps for iPad, Android, and Windows devices will be released in the coming months.

What iOS supports the new ShareFile Mobile App for iPhone?

The new ShareFile Mobile App for iPhone is only compatible with iOS 7. Customers using older versions of iOS will still have access to the older ShareFile Mobile App, but not the new version.

Why did we redesign the ShareFile Mobile App?

We’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experiences with ShareFile! Using product testing and feedback from customers, we designed the new app to simplify workflows and make file sharing even easier from any device.

OK, this all sounds great. But remind me why I need a mobile app for file sharing anyway?

In a word: FREEDOM. When you can get to your work documents from your phone or tablet, you are suddenly free to leave the building. Forget to send that report before you left the office? Send it from your phone, fast and easy. Stuck at an airport? Get some work done while you wait. Need to edit or sign off on a proposal from your kid’s karate lesson? No problem. You aren’t chained to your desk; your files shouldn’t be either.

Still have questions? We’re here to help!

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