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The Fundamentals of Secure Collaboration

In recent years, the cloud has evolved from what was once a nebulous concept to a vital technology with increasingly tangible benefits. With the right cloud-based tools and apps, you can enjoy real-time collaboration with partners and clients, work from anywhere with an internet connection, and complete the same tasks from your mobile device as you can from your office desktop.

The impact of this ability to stay connected and collaborate with ease and convenience hasn’t gone unnoticed. More and more businesses are recognizing a direct correlation between cloud-based technologies – like professional file-sharing services and secure mobile apps – and positive business outcomes.

In fact, revenue forecasts are, on average, 19% higher among businesses that are driving productivity gains with these collaboration tools.

But even with all the data and research available on the cloud and its discernible benefits, we often wonder how this technology will work for our own business goals and needs. Fortunately, comprehensive cloud-based solutions like Citrix ShareFile make it easy to address these needs through a variety of secure and collaborative tools, apps and integrations. With that in mind, here are the top three ways you can use the cloud to work better and stay connected.

1. Reliable Remote Access

Despite the increasing number of businesses that support remote employees and mobile work options, traditional management ideologies maintain that in-person interactions keep employees productive. But the fact is – with the right tools and technology – the same can be said for work done outside of the office.

In fact, 91 percent of remote workers said they are more productive when completing tasks outside of the office than they are when sitting at their desks.

Collaboration technology creates an opportunity to bridge the gap between in-office and remote workers, letting you reap the benefits of remote work without compromising relationships and productivity.

2. Workflow Integrations

One of the greatest benefits of cloud technology is that we can use our favorite tools to collaborate on any device and across technology ecosystems. This is particularly important considering that the average employee takes advantage of at least three mobile devices per day for work purposes.

Windows, Android or iOS? It doesn’t matter. Cloud-based collaboration and file-sharing services break down technology barriers and let you focus on getting the job done by hosting client interactions and internal operations in one central place.

3. Data Security

Data security is a tricky matter, but one that shouldn’t be ignored. Any business — regardless of size or value — is at risk of a data breach if information is stored or shared online and left unprotected. However, only 38 percent of organizations said they are prepared to prevent data theft and breaches.

Therefore, you need a trusted solution that’s secure but also accessible — one that supports collaboration without compromising security. Solutions like Citrix ShareFile are designed to address that need by offering:

Data encryption and state-of-the-art storage for your documents and files.

• Activity tracking through workflow audit trails, configurable permissions and intuitive reporting tools to get insight into and control over who has access to what.

• Support for your compliance with regulations and guidelines that c an affect your industry, including HIPAA, HITECH, FINRA, CFPB, and bar association ethics rules.

The Future Of Collaboration

It’s clear that cloud-based collaboration tools and services can create value in numerous disparate ways. In fact, a recent survey published by Dimension Data revealed the following from their respondents:

81% noticed improved customer interactions.

• 88 percent reported better decision-making

• 84 percent observed productivity gains that extend to individual employees.

By incorporating a trusted, professional solution like Citrix ShareFile you and your team will have the freedom to expand and progress with the security and oversight to ensure reliable access and quality control.

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ShareFile provides the ease of use, security and accessibility that teams need to share work and resources, whether employees are in the office or dispersed worldwide.

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