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Presenteeism: The Cost of Going to Work When Sick

Key takeaways:

A professional file-sharing service can boost your business by providing a simple solution for getting work done, and preventing presenteeism. Don't let sick days grind your productivty to a halt. Consider the following:

It’s Thursday, and you’re working on a contract that needs client approval today. Your boss (the one you need a signature and contract approval from) is stuck at an airport across the country. You’ve got an unsigned, unapproved contract, and a client repeatedly emailing asking for the final copy. Compounding all of this, you feel the beginnings of a cold seeping in, making it hard to focus and get work done. Starting to panic? Don’t.

Go home. You can send the contract to your boss via ShareFile + RightSignature. She can access the contract on her mobile device, review and sign it electronically. The signed file automatically uploads back to your ShareFile folder.

Another update: an email alert lets you know that the client has signed the contract and the final version is in your ShareFile folder. And since ShareFile has version control, you know that you have a record of all signatures and contract versions. You send your boss a link to the final contract before getting some shut eye, so you can feel better and start work tomorrow with the energy you need.

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