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The Best Solution for Business Collaboration

By Carmen P. Fleischauer, Citrix ShareFile

Collaboration is a necessary part of any business. The popularity of workshifting and a rapid increase in mobile capabilities can create a communication deficit when employees do not solely work in the office. Without the use of a collaboration solution it may be difficult to conduct proper business and keep track of employees. For many successful companies the solution has been to adopt a communication tool that will work across multiple devices.

Citrix ShareFile is a secure, cloud-based business solution for file sharing and online document collaboration. Closing the communication gap that plagues many companies, ShareFile integration is a seamless transition from your current workflow system to a secure, cloud solution that promotes team collaboration and supports multiple device synchronization.

Easy access—anytime, anywhere

ShareFile provides a variety of easy ways to access and securely send your business files. This cloud-based file-sharing solution makes collaboration easy for working within internal teams or with clients from all over the world. Users can upload and send files right from the web portal, download the desktop client or use the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to transfer files securely without ever leaving their email client. File sizes are never limited by email attachment restrictions because users can link to files up to 100 GB in size using ShareFile.

Web portal

The ShareFile web interface mimics your computer’s file folder system. Simply share files with the “Send a File” link on the navigation bar; enter a recipient and click to upload a file. The recipient will receive an email containing a hyperlink to the file. With ShareFile you can eliminate the use of precious computer storage space by storing your files in the cloud.


The ShareFile Desktop Widget is an efficient way to upload, download and delete files from your account without ever launching a web browser. The drag and drop feature makes it easy to upload files to your account.

ShareFile Sync streamlines the file sharing and collaboration process for users. You and your team can work on files in the same folder in real time, allowing you to focus on work and goals. Stay current with clients and colleagues regardless of device or location. The ability to collaborate in a single location saves you time and the headache of constantly managing files through email.

Mobile phones and tablets

Because we know that collaboration does not stop when you step out of the office, ShareFile provides anytime web and mobile access. Files are always accessible via the web interface and mobile apps so you can keep up with projects on the go – no matter where you are.

ShareFile also provides access to previously downloaded files so you can view them without having to re-download. Need to make changes to a file before sending? Sync files across multiple devices so you can be sure that your team has the correct version. Apple iOS, Windows Phone, Android and BlackBerry mobile applications are free to download for all users.


The ShareFile toolbar in Outlook allows you to send files from ShareFile like traditional attachments. Your workflow is never disrupted because you have instant access to your stored files via the plugin.

Eliminate the use of precious computer storage space by storing your files in the cloud.

Additional user features

In addition to file sharing and collaboration, ShareFile offers many value added features like robust security, company branding, keyword search of files and folders, configurable email alerts on file uploads and downloads, and easy user management.


ShareFile provides total security for your files, whether at rest or in transfer. No matter how you choose to send files – via the web interface, Outlook Plugin or desktop widget – your files are encrypted and secure.

Admin control

On top of standard security precautions, you can choose additional levels of protection to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to files. Share important documents with one client, but keep all internal information and other client information invisible to them. Protect links with the use of a password, or set links to expire after a certain amount of time. Added security measures give you peace of mind, especially when dealing with highly confidential information.

Custom reporting

ShareFile includes a custom reporting feature that lets you track user activity. You can run reports on permissions or account usage to easily check if each client has access to the correct files and folders. Custom reports are sent to you based on the settings you choose, such as which files and actions will generate notifications. A single report may contain an audit of all activity on the account, or it can be focused on specific actions or timeframes. Choose to have reports sent when activity occurs or in one consolidated daily message.

Customer service

ShareFile provides dedicated account managers for help with set up and support. Account managers are ShareFile experts who answer questions, recommend the best features for your specific workflow and conduct custom training sessions.

Full customer support is available to all accounts seven days a week. Users will always receive assistance as needed by phone, or email. As a complimentary support feature, the web interface is customizable to your organization’s branding. The ShareFile design team will work to create a unique interface for each account.

Integrate ShareFile into your company’s workflow for easy collaboration and an increase in productivity.

Promote successful collaboration with ShareFile

Integrate ShareFile into your company’s workflow for easy collaboration and an increase in productivity.

Learn how ShareFile’s file sharing and collaboration solution can help your team improve business workflow – try it free for 30 days.