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Make the Cloud the MVP of Your Team's File-Sharing Game

Successful teams have one thing that serves as the glue to keep it all together. For many, that hallmark is the cloud. File sharing among team members has never been faster, easier or more reliable than with today's cloud-computing technology. And file sharing in the cloud has never been more effective than with Citrix ShareFile.

File sharing teamwork in the cloud

While the cloud is certainly advantageous to teams with remote workers, it's just as powerful for in-person communication. With ShareFile, team members can exchange information in a manner that is:

  • Easy — You can share a file as simply as sending an email. Your team won't trip up on any complicated functions.
  • Fast — It takes just seconds to complete uploading and downloading a file, so your team is never stalled.
  • Safe — We pull out all the stops in making sure files are kept safe and secure both in transfer and storage.  
  • Powerful — You can enjoy unlimited storage and upload files of up to 100 GB in size. Team members aren't restricted by standard email limitations.
  • Compatible — Team members can access and share files from a Mac, PC or mobile device, allowing for the freedom of mobility, syncing files across all your devices.
  • Trackable — Automated analytics record the details of every upload, download, file view, edit and change. This keeps administrators informed of team activity and holds team members accountable.
  • Private — A check-out system allows exclusive access to a file for a team member to make edits that aren't overwritten.
  • Affordable — A team account starts at just $60 per month.
  • Personal — Our custom branding options allow you to personalize your client portal to match your team's logo, website, colors, look and feel.
  • Versatile — Team members can use ShareFile in conjunction with many of the same tools they use on a day-to-day basis such as Gmail or Basepin.
  • Helpful — You receive 24/7 customer support so your team is always backed by ours.

ShareFile helps millions of team members across a wide range of industries send, store and receive information. Sign up for a 30-day free trial today and let the cloud serve as the cornerstone of your success.