Swinerton Builders Keeps Job Sites Up to Date with the Most Accurate Information and Employees Across the Nation in the Know with Citrix ShareFile

Swinerton provides commercial construction and construction management services throughout the United States and is a 100 percent employee-owned company. Recognized nationally since 1888, Swinerton is the preferred builder and trusted partner in every market it serves — proudly leading with integrity, passion and excellence. Swinerton strives to achieve the highest level of execution in everything it does, from safety, quality and innovation to its attention to detail in every task on every project.

With multiple offices and dozens of job sites across the country, managing the flow of data and ensuring that everyone has the most up-to-date information became a priority for Swinerton. Swinerton employees requested a user-friendly solution for quickly sharing large project files. With a strong firewall for internal files, a simple way to give architects, subcontractors and others access to the files they needed became a requirement on Swinerton projects.

Swinerton employees, not satisfied with the FTP service in place, chose to create individual ShareFile accounts for their offices and projects. From there, according to Mikki Witter, business systems analyst, ShareFile caught like wildfire, making it the obvious choice to centralize for the entire company. After migrating everyone to one account, Swinerton now employs ShareFile on most of our job sites for two main purposes: a controlled environment for finalized design files to ensure no jobsite errors and a simple way for project members to share large files.

What ShareFile allows us to do is liberate our data. As we’re building projects, there’s a certain amount of data we want private, such as billing documents and contracts. The data we do need to share, — specs, plans, modeling — is managed using ShareFile. With ShareFile, we know that jobsites, architects and subcontractors always have the most current data.
Dustin Hartsuiker
Regional Support Manager


  • ShareFile Enterprise Sync lets Swinerton push finalized design files to job sites in a controlled environment, where end users can access but not edit project files, ensuring that consistent, accurate information is available to everyone.
  • Granular folder and user permissions help ensure that people see, access and use only the files and folders they need for centralized control over the company’s data.
  • Integrations with construction software, such as Bluebeam, let people on the job site easily and quickly share or request project photos and files in a familiar interface, adding value to projects.

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