Streamline accounting workflows and document sharing with ShareFile and RightSignature

Every year, tax season brings accounting professionals a painful reminder of the day-to-day administrative inefficiencies that add friction and frustration to their work. From exchanging files and revising content with clients to gathering signatures for completed documents, disjointed manual processes consume valuable time. And that’s not to mention the challenge of meeting security and compliance requirements.

ShareFile and RightSignature help accountants work more easily and efficiently. By sending and receiving files through a secure digital client portal, automating feedback and approval workflows, and gathering legally-binding and IRS-approved e-signatures, you can get more done while delivering better service—all while keeping data safe with an industry-compliant solution.

Send, Receive Files More Easily and Securely

Many clients and accountants are uncomfortable exchanging sensitive financial data via email attachments — and for good reason. With ShareFile, you can provide a centralized, branded portal to upload and manage files securely from any location.

  • Provide a secure digital experience: With bank-level data encryption and more than 25 granular collaboration controls, ShareFile helps you protect sensitive data while reassuring clients about their privacy and security.
  • Interact with clients anywhere, from anywhere: Clients can review, send, and sign documents on any computer, smartphone, or tablet, from any location.
  • Maintain a branded environment: It’s simple to send branded e-signature documents from ShareFile into your own business identity. With just a few clicks, you can customize your client portal with your company logo, color scheme, and e-signature workflows.

Streamline Collaboration

Disjointed processes and workflows can slow the preparation of financial documents and records while increasing the risk of errors. ShareFile helps you keep things moving to prevent delays, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

  • Manage tasks and deliverables: Easy-to-create request lists help you track what’s due when, from whom, so you always know where key processes and workflows stand.
  • Simplify feedback and approvals: When a document is ready for client review, you can launch an approval workflow, get a notification when they’ve completed their review, and keep track of all their edits and sign-offs.
  • Archive files, messages, and notifications: ShareFile automatically saves all client interactions so you have a complete record for future reference.
  • Integrate e-signatures across your business: An open API lets you integrate RightSignature into any business application to save time and effort across your organization.

Expedite the Signing Process

When it’s time for signatures, ShareFile integrates seamlessly with RightSignature so you can quickly gather legally binding, IRS-approved e-signatures.

  • Meet IRS requirements for e-signatures: The IRS requires tax accountants to use knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to verify the identity of their clients for remotely performed e-signatures. RightSignature is one of the few e-signature solutions that includes KBA at no additional cost.
  • Prepare documents for signatures: A drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to add the form fields you need signers to fill out. RightSignature also makes it easy for clients to e-sign IRS Forms 8879 or 8878 to authorize e-filing for their federal tax returns or filing extensions.
  • Avoid mistakes: RightSignature guides signers through the document, preventing the lost documents, errors, and omissions that can come with attachments, printing, and scans.
  • Package multiple documents for signature: To ensure a convenient and orderly signing process, RightSignature lets you combine several documents into a single signature request so nothing gets overlooked.
  • Keep signed documents in the right place: Once documents have been signed, they’re automatically saved back to the same folder where they originated in ShareFile so you don’t have to keep moving files around.
  • Create time-saving templates: Easy-to-use tools let you create templates for frequently used forms and documents so you can send them for signature in just a few clicks without the need for repetitive manual preparation.

Strengthen Security

Clients need to know that their data is safe, and so do you. ShareFile helps you protect data, maintain compliance, track documents, and reduce the risk of malware and data breaches.

  • Control access to files: Single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and granular permissions prevent unauthorized access and usage, while built-in security settings let you see when your files are being accessed and by whom.
  • Maintain compliance: Enterprise-level security features help you meet the regulatory requirements of IRS, SEC, HIPAA, FINRA, and CFPB.
  • Stop threats in real time: ShareFile integrates with Analytics for Security to proactively detect and resolve security threats before they impact clients and your business.

Don’t let administrative friction bring down another tax season. Learn more about ShareFile and RightSignature—and choose the right plan for your firm and your clients.

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