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Startup Real Estate Investment Firm Relies On ShareFile to Continue Torrid Growth

ShareFile gives us an institutional level of legitimacy. There are companies three, four, five times our size that aren’t even there yet.
Tripp Bell
Managing Principal
The Building, Land & Development Group

The Building, Land & Development Group (BLDG US)

Real Estate

Raleigh, North Carolina

Number of Employees

Business Challenge

  • Growing firm needed more efficient way to share and update documents internally.
  • Investors required assurance of security for info regarding transactions.
  • Compressing timeframes was a crucial factor in completing deals ahead of the competition.

Business Results

  • ShareFile Mobile App is a boon for conducting transactions.
  • 24/7 customer service is an assurance that business can happen when it needs to.
  • RightSignature officially finishes deals much faster.

When Adam Dunn and Tripp Bell launched their real estate investment company, BLDG US, in September 2014, its success was quick and exponential — they anticipate completing $50 million in transactions for 2015. Due to the nature of the business, efficiency and affordability were a must for editing and sharing large files, as well as offering confidentiality and security for their investors’ financial documents

“As a startup, we didn’t want to spend a significant amount upfront,” says Dunn. So they used a consumer-grade file-sharing product. It quickly disappointed them.

“The syncing (of alterations in shared documents) was not as seamless as we’d hoped,” says Bell. “I’d open a file, make a few adjustments, and the changes I was making weren’t relayed to Adam in an instantaneous amount of time.” They spent at least 30 minutes a week correcting the discrepancies in saved documents where they’d missed each other’s additions and deletions.

For better efficiency while keeping sensitive data secure, they chose ShareFile.

We have saved more money in terms of allocation of time by going with ShareFile than if we stayed with the cheaper product.

He credits in part ShareFile support reps who have assisted them quickly whenever they have needed help.

Another asset is the ShareFile Mobile App. “We’ve put it on our phones, and it’s an incredibly convenient reference tool,” says Dunn. The nature of their business requires a great deal of traveling, and the app allows them to double-check data while on the road.

To increase confidentiality and speed, Dunn and Bell also use RightSignature. Rather than wait for a fax for client confirmation, Bell says, “We get an email notification that they’ve actually signed the document.” That increases accuracy and accountability from their transaction partners.

“ShareFile gives us an institutional level of legitimacy. There are companies three, four, five times our size that aren’t even there yet,” Bell says. “It literally saves us time, hassle and money.”

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