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Five Benefits of SSAE 16 Compliance

SSAE 16 compliance —an auditing process for service organizations — tells clients these organizations have their controls in order. Financial institutions, medical records keepers and digital file storage providers like Citrix ShareFile all rely on SSAE 16 compliance. But what do auditors really check for?

What do auditors look for?

Auditors look at many aspects of a service organization's controls when checking for SSAE 16 compliance, including:

  1. Physical security — When checking for SSAE 16 compliance, auditors ensure files and digital data are stored in a physically secure location. This physical security is an important part of ensuring organizations maintain control over sensitive data. At Citrix ShareFile, we rely on secure datacenters located in the United States and Europe, and as a file-sharing company, we meet SSAE 16 compliance.
  2. Environmental security — Auditors check for everything from the risk of fire and floods to climate control to ensure datacenters are safe from sources of data loss. All of the datacenters used by ShareFile meet these standards.
  3. Backup and archival — Another large part of SSAE 16 compliance for datacenters is maintaining backup and archives of all files. Businesses want to know their files can be recovered, even if an accident does occur. Auditors check to make sure secure datacenters like those used by ShareFile have plenty of redundancy.
  4. Information technology controls — Companies seeking SSAE 16 compliance also need to have control of their information systems. ShareFile uses class-leading AES 256-bit encryption, and also uses file encryption at every secure datacenter.
  5. Customer service — Auditors also check the level of customer assistance provided by service companies as part of their organizational control. ShareFile assists customers with a 24-hour customer service line, 365 days a year.

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