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FTP for Small Business

Do you remember 1971? No email, no social media, no internet. That's also when the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) was written.

There are better, more secure and robust solutions for small businesses to upload, transfer, store and share files. Helping companies of all sizes do business digitally is what Citrix ShareFile is all about.

Online Secure Storage and File Sharing

Most small businesses have limited IT resources. That can pose a challenge when it comes to Internet security and compliance. When you have an account with ShareFile, not only do you get world class technology, we provide support 24/7. Real people answering your questions — all of them based here in the U.S.

File Transfer

We don't rely on FTP technology to transfer your files. You upload files or folders to our site through with one click of a button using SSL/TLS protocols. If you use Microsoft Office, you can add a "Sync with Sharefile" folder on your computer. Just put files in that folder and it automatically loads them on ShareFile during your next scheduled sync.

You can give your customers and colleagues access to view documents by folder or file. Share QuickBooks files with your accountant or have a client review and sign off on a scope of work. It's completely secure and you decide who sees what. We produce clear, comprehensive reports so you can monitor every interaction.

Plus, your customers and vendors can upload files for you via your website. An architect can share blueprints with your construction firm, or a client can upload medical records to your law practice.

The professionalism and ease-of-use will make a lasting impression.

Built for Your Business

When your business is new, you need every advantage to compete. We can help. Our services include:

  • Secure mobile apps to access information anywhere, anytime
  • Digital signature technology to complete deals without faxing, scanning or mailing paper
  • File sharing and storage in secured data centers.

Get your free trial and see what you think. When you're ready, ditch that small business FTP for the solution used by 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies.