Simplify client collaboration for financial services organizations

A client’s confidence in their financial services provider begins from their earliest interactions. At the outset of the relationship, the client expects to be provided with clear, straightforward ways to submit content; review and sign documents; and communicate with the provider. Any hitches along the way—missed emails, lost documents, cumbersome signing processes—can quickly raise concerns about security and compliance. For peace of mind, clients need to be able to view and control their own information.

For financial managers, meeting these demanding client expectations is only part of the challenge. To deliver optimal service while making efficient use of their valuable time, they need to overcome the barriers to productivity posed by data silos, repetitive tasks, and stalled workflows. The right tool can make all the difference. In fact, according to McKinsey, “Banks that successfully use digital technologies could also see an increase in profit by 40 percent from a combination of increased revenues and lower operational costs.”

ShareFile helps financial services professionals strengthen client relationships through secure, efficient collaboration. A simple-to-use tool with no need for IT configuration to get started, ShareFile provides a single, secure place to collaborate, store documents, gather feedback, get signatures, and share files. Financial managers can keep client work better organized, move faster, make fewer errors, and devote more time to billable hours—all while reassuring clients about the security of their information.

Collaborate easily to accelerate contract workflows

Finalizing a contract can be a complex and time-consuming process—so the last thing financial services firms need is for disjointed, error-prone processes and workflows to add new headaches. ShareFile helps you keep contract workflows moving quickly to prevent delays and deliver better service for clients.

  • Manage file collection requests. Easy-to-create request lists help you track what’s due when, from whom, so you always know where key processes and workflows stand.
  • Securely collect and archive files and interactions. All client interactions in ShareFile are saved automatically, together with securely collected files, so you have a complete record for future reference.
  • Automated collaboration workflows. To keep approvals moving swiftly, ShareFile Premium with integrated electronic signature automatically connects each document to the client or team member who needs to review or sign it next.

Access key documents like client contracts and agreements in one place

To prevent errors, confusion, and security gaps, financial services firms must avoid any possible confusion about where the latest version of a file is located. With ShareFile, all your key documents are stored together, with easy self-service access by both the client and the firm’s own authorized employees.

  • Provide a secure digital experience. With bank-level data encryption and more than 25 customizable controls and permissions settings, ShareFile helps you protect sensitive data while reassuring clients about their privacy and security.
  • Control access to files. Single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and granular permissions prevent unauthorized access and usage, while built-in security settings let you see when your files are being accessed and by whom.
  • Maintain compliance. Enterprise-level security features help you meet the regulatory requirements of IRS, SEC, HIPAA, FINRA, and CFPB.
  • Unified access. Whether people access their files using the ShareFile web interface, the Citrix Files desktop app, or the Citrix Files mobile app—and whether they’re working on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet—they’ll get the simple, secure experience ShareFile is known for.
  • Easy access to cloud storage accounts. Personal cloud connectors to OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox let people access all their cloud storage content, alongside on-premises network shares, from within their ShareFile experience—even if it’s not stored in their ShareFile account.

Streamline client document review and approval

As a document moves through a collaborative preparation process, it can be difficult to ensure that each participant has had a chance to review it and offer feedback. ShareFile ensures well-organized, auditable feedback and approval workflows.

  • Simplify feedback and approvals. When a document is ready for clients to look over, its owner can launch an approval workflow, get a notification when each participant has completed their review, and keep track of all edits and sign-offs for future reference.
  • Automated reminders. ShareFile can even send automated reminders to reviewers as the due date approaches.  Here’s what it looks like in action (3:08).

Conduct one-click document preparation with integrated e-signature

When it’s time for documents to be signed, ShareFile includes a native e-signature solution, RightSignature, to quickly gather legally binding e-signatures seamlessly in your documents.

  • Prepare documents for signatures. A drag-and-drop interface makes it simple to add the form fields you need signers to fill out.
  • Avoid mistakes. RightSignature guides signers through the document, preventing the lost documents, errors, and omissions that can come with attachments, printing, and scans.
  • Package multiple documents for signature. To ensure a convenient and orderly signing process, RightSignature lets you combine several documents into a single signature request so nothing gets overlooked.
  • Keep signed documents in the right place. After documents have been signed, they’re automatically saved back to the same folder where they originated so you don’t have to keep moving files around.

Meet the expectations of clients for simple, secure, well-managed collaboration. Learn more about ShareFile and RightSignature and choose the right plan for your financial services organization.

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