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"ShareFile Tools, Integrations and Partnerships for Manufacturers"

Key takeaways:

Manage your data more efficiently with ShareFile, boosting your ability to collaborate with team members and clients. Use check-ins and check-outs, set permissions, assign access, receive notifications and authenticate users to help keep your team accountable by protecting yourselves and your clients. File Sync means you and your colleagues can store and share everything from one simple, secure location. Plus, you'll know that you're always working on one document that has the most accurate, updated versions of the file. While file versioning tracks changes, and offers access to older versions of files as needed.

Streamline your process of creating and signing files with RightSignature to electronically sign documents that are automatically saved back in the ShareFile folder where they were created.

Mobilize your workforce with ShareConnect, bringing the power of your desktop to your mobile device. With professional remote computer access, you can edit and share files outside the office across any device while securely protecting the data you are seeing.

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