ShareFile Product Highlights: Improvements to sharing flow and experience

ShareFile is all about sharing and collaborating on content. To that end, we are making the sharing experience and flow even easier, allowing you to share the way you want, with whom you want, faster than ever.

“We’re trying to reduce the complexity with the number of generated links per file,” says Alex Boyd, Sr Product Designer at Citrix. “This makes managing shares and access permissions less confusing.” With this new experience, sharing is more straightforward and intuitive, allowing users to get the links and settings they use most and get to the important tasks of sharing and collaborating in just a couple of clicks.

Share Flow

Most ShareFile users use Get a Link to share documents or folders with others, so to help users generate links more quickly and easily, creating a link is now front and center when users click on Share.

When selecting a file to share, the create-a-link option interface has been updated. The links generated are per-user. Other people with folder access cannot see the series of user generated links from another user. When viewing the pop-up, you will see a link ready to be copied. Default options are already set to the highest level of permissions allowed for the account, and the links do not expire. See the image below for the new interface.

There are a few options on the screen:

  • Add more items: creates a share bundle where more items can be added to the link share.
  • Create another link: This option creates additional links. Any time you share the file after this, you will see the additional link to re-copy. 
  • Send to specific people: For users who still want to email a link, they can select Send to Specific People

Changing Link Access

To create a link with different view and edit permissions, select the ellipses next to the copy button. The image below shows the location to click.

Within this screen there are three options:

  • Edit options: If users want more restricted permissions, they can choose Edit Options before creating the link. Users can then return and recopy this same link every time to share with someone. Note: Users will need a Microsoft 365 account to be able to edit, however client users do not need a Microsoft account.
  • Delete link: Removes access to the link. If someone has the link, when it is clicked they will see a page that notes ‘The link you are trying to access does not exist’.
  • Replace link: Changes access permissions for outstanding links. See the image below:

ShareFile for Secure Collaboration

Eliminate security concerns with multiple links created for your file. Users can now create and keep track of links in one location to eliminate unused and unwanted shares. Once links are generated, a list of outstanding links will be displayed.

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