ShareFile For Construction Firms

The simple way to keep projects moving on any device, any time.

Help your team be more productive with our easy-to-use solution.

Secure file sharing on any device
Easily share and receive large files—like project drawings, plans and specs—in a few quick clicks. No paperwork, thumb drives or passwords required.

Powerful collaboration capability
Launch a streamlined workflow to give and receive accurate, real-time feedback and approval on files, RFPs, images and more.

Documents signed in minutes
Streamline document signing and cut admin time by over 90% with legally binding e-signatures.

Secure remote access to desktops
Seamlessly access office PCs and apps from anywhere—home or job site—on any device.

Business-class security and reliability
Keep client and business information safe with more than 25 customizable security settings plus bank-level data encryption.

Easy-to-use interface and friendly technical support
Learn to use ShareFile in minutes. If you or your team members need help, get support from real people.

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