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ShareFile Data Security for Attorneys and Their Clients

The wide adoption of online resources has created an environment where people are no longer accustomed to delays such as waiting for information to arrive in the mail. Fax and FTP have also become outdated, as they provide no protection for files during sending and require inconvenient equipment or software installation. Attorneys need advanced strategies and tools to keep up with clients’ expectations and the fast pace of business and law today.

Cloud-based extranets are increasingly popular tools for file sharing. Extranets provide space online where firms can load files and allow clients and other parties to log in and download information. They also can serve in an intranet capacity to enable efficient communication and resource sharing between employees located in geographically dispersed office locations. Sharing documentation and media files with clients, opposing counsel or other professionals online saves employee hours of productive time for high-level, billable tasks. Clients expect information and updates instantly, and online collaboration makes this level of service possible. A virtual extranet provides an unprecedented level of mobility and up-to-date security features to keep client files safe.

However, without an IT-managed data sharing and syncing service, employees turn to insecure, consumer-style file sharing products for selfservice access to their files, as well as the ability to share those files with others within and outside their organization. Such solutions, unfortunately, put sensitive corporate data, regulated data and intellectual property at risk. To help IT regain control over employee file sharing, Citrix offers Citrix ShareFile – an enterprise- class, IT-managed, follow-me data service for law firms.

The best solution for law firms

Citrix ShareFile provides an ideal solution for firms of any size. The web-based collaboration tool stores, encrypts and shares files with your client base, co-counsel and other professionals. Set up folders, files and user access individually or in bulk to begin sending files in minutes. ShareFile offers four key features that can help you increase the adoption of secure file transfer within your firm immediately.

Transfer files in seconds — right from your desktop

ShareFile integrates with the tasks attorneys and staff already complete daily. Desktop tools are available to send files securely without opening your web browser, saving time and eliminating the frustration of searching for, and attaching, files. Unlike FTP clients, all ShareFile desktop tools transfer data using up to 256-bit AES encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols. Once files are stored on ShareFile servers, they are safeguarded by 256-bit AES encryption for an additional level of security while at rest.

With ShareFile Sync, you can easily:

• Empower users with instant access to data in sync across all of their devices.

• Copy or save a file into a local synced folder to automatically load the file to ShareFile.

• Upload entire mailings by simply saving the PDFs to local client folders in minutes.

Work from anywhere, anytime

With ShareFile mobile apps, attorneys, staff and clients can access your extranet from any smartphone or tablet. An expert may reference new documents as soon as they are available, in the office or on the road. An attorney may pull up documents on an iPad at a meeting outside of the office to review or edit with clients or outside counsel.

Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry phones and Windows Phone.

With ShareFile Mobile Apps, you can easily:

• Change permissions on the go by editing folder access lists from your mobile device.

• Edit any Microsoft Office file and annotate any PDF on your smartphone or tablet.

• Use built-in email to send files or request new files. • Upload new files to your vault from iOS and Android devices.

With ShareFile Mobile Apps, data remains under the firm’s control even when accessed from a personal device. Remote wipe functionality allows the user and IT to wipe ShareFile stored data and passwords on any device in case it is lost or stolen. In the event of a security breach, IT can remove the device from the list of devices that can access ShareFile accounts, lock the device to restrict use for a specified period or completely wipe all ShareFile data that resides on that device.

Send secure email attachments

ShareFile combines the ease of email with powerful security features to transfer files up to 100 GB in size. The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook sends large files as convenient ShareFile links in email. By removing the need for additional steps and new workflows, the ShareFile plugin encourages employees to adopt secure sending. The links are as simple for the recipient to work with as standard attachments but feature the same high level of encryption as any download from your extranet.

With the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, you can easily:

Email large files: attach up to 100GB of files and folders in a single email as ShareFile links using the same steps as selecting a normal attachment.

• Set firm-wide security preferences to determine expiration, password protection and more.

• Create upload links to let clients send completed forms and other documents back to you.

Encrypt emails

For an extra level of security, ShareFile offers encrypted emails sent in one simple step using Microsoft Outlook. ShareFile with encrypted email protects sensitive information contained both in the body and the attachments of an email. By supporting encrypted email directly in ShareFile, you get secure communications with clients and co-counsel without adding any steps or hassles to your workflow.

With ShareFile with encrypted email, you can easily:

• Send encrypted emails and attachments with one easy-to-use tool.

• Give recipients a way to receive and respond to messages securely without needing any software or downloads

• Avoid data breaches of standard Microsoft Outlook messages with the proven infrastructure used by all ShareFile customers. • Use an encrypted email tool that supports compliance for HIPAA, HITECH, CFPB and more.

Keep track of account use for security and billing purposes

Using ShareFile means powerful auditing features and permanent file storage will meet strict requirements for record keeping. Advanced reporting and auditing tools track all changes, logins, uploads and downloads. Users can receive reports on file sharing activity within their workspaces, while IT can track and log all user activity. Automated email notifications keep everyone up to date on new activity.

Implementing an extranet provides better workflow for your employees and more value to your clients.

Citrix ShareFile combines the control operations and IT departments need to ensure best practices, with the tools and flexibility that staff and clients require. In addition to user-friendly features, ShareFile offers support for large and firms and technical staff. Multiple options for integration with Microsoft Active Directory and on-premise storage solutions allow ShareFile to serve firms with even the most rigorous standards for confidentiality and data control.

Collaborate while avoiding duplication

A significant challenge in today’s work environment is efficiently and securely managing collaborations on electronic documents. To help virtual teams, ShareFile offers users Check-In/Check-Out. Using ShareFile as their cloud storage repository, contributors can indicate to other collaborators when they have checked out a document from a shared folder for editing. Other users will see this indicated in your ShareFile account and be limited to downloading a read-only copy until the original user has checked in the document and finished editing it. This feature reduces the need to use email or a competing product to track document workflows.

With Check-In/Check-Out, you can easily:

• Improve how teams collaborate with common documents stored in ShareFile without causing overwrites.

• Use one solution to address data loss rather than risk relying on backups on hard drives.

• Save costs of duplicating effort due to colliding efforts.


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