ShareFile can do even more for you

Why stop at secure file sharing and storage when you can upgrade to an all-in-one solution?

Add e-signatures and secure remote access to your account today.

ShareFile + e-signatures and secure remote access. Everything you need to work the way you want.

Business-class file sharing
Send, access and store all your files and content in a few simple clicks. No more cumbersome FTP, CDs or thumb drives required.

Bank-level security
Keep client and business information safe with high-grade data encryption and more than 25 customizable security settings.

Streamlined workflows
Request and receive accurate, real-time feedback and approvals directly in your account — without the confusing email threads.

Seamless and reliable storage connectors
Connect directly to storage providers — like OneDrive and Google Drive — for a single point of access to all your files.

Powerful apps and Integrations
Microsoft Office 365, Desktop app for Mac, ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, ShareFile for Gmail and more.

Accelerated productivity
Cut your admin time by up to 93% with powerful e-signatures that fit right into your workday.

Legally binding deliverables
Know your electronic contracts will have the same legal validity of pen-and-paper documents when executed in compliance with e-signing laws.

Security you can trust
Keep your e-signed documents protected with full audit log, biometric data capture, and 256-bit encryption.

Powerful collaboration capability
Get many documents signed by one party or one document signed by many. You can even specify the signing order.

Freedom on any device
Use your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or any Android device — no downloads, no plugins, no hassle.

Your desktop at your fingertips
Securely access apps, documents and files locked away on work computers from any device, any time.

24/7 collaboration
Provide employees secure access to shared servers so they can view, upload and check out files. You can even grant your team secured access to clients’ desktop.

Time-saving redundancies
Use administrator privileges to grant teams secured access to clients' desktops. The redundancies you'll create will give you more time to focus on clients.

Superior data control
See exactly where your files are saved, both within and outside the cloud, in a single location.

User-friendly design
Work seamlessly from your device. Our desktop PC applications are fully optimized for iPad and Android OS to deliver an exceptional user experience. Plus you can enable secure remote access on as many computers — Mac or PC — as you like.

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