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Share Large Files

Forget email and FTP hassles. Citrix ShareFile makes it easy to share large files by providing businesses of all types with custom-branded, web-based interfaces for storing and sharing files. Here, clients will use their given user name and password to log in and download files seamlessly. The interface will feature your company's logo, making it look like just another page of your site. This kind of professional integration is what makes ShareFile the preferred choice to share large files with customers and colleagues.

Why Use ShareFile Instead of FTP to Share Large Files?

To get started, there is no third-party software to download and no complicated instructions to follow. In minutes, you can set up accounts for your clients based on their email addresses. The only other thing to do is share files by uploading them with one click. That's it! No fussing with email programs that won't let you send big files and no battling with confusing FTP.

Although similar to FTP, the key difference between FTP and ShareFile is the level of security. FTP uses low-level Internet protocol and is not protected or encrypted. Even password-required FTP servers are completely traceable and transparent. ShareFile hashes passwords to thwart interception and uses high-end SSL encryption to scramble your data to outside eyes.

Also, for those who are not so familiar with FTP, ShareFile offers an easy alternative. No networking is required, and you don't need to know any special codes or Internet language to share large files successfully. Start your subscription with a free trial and see what ShareFile can do for your business!