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Share Files Between Computers

Sharing files between computers is a must for most businesses. In recent years, the cloud has reshaped file sharing by allowing you to access files from anywhere — your desktop computer at work, your personal laptop, even your smartphone or tablet.

Why share files between computers?

Being able to share files between computers allows you, your colleagues and your clients to access the same document at once and make modifications that each of you can see from your own device. This saves you time and promotes collaboration throughout your organization.

Security is a major concern for my business. How safe is file sharing?

The answer to this question depends largely on the file-sharing company you choose. Citrix ShareFile, for instance, protects your files with 256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, remote wiping capabilities and regular backups to secure datacenters. On top of that, you control who has access to your data and can track file changes as needed.

My organization often shares large files. Can ShareFile support this?

Definitely. ShareFile allows you to share large files up to 100 GB at one time and enables you to store unlimited documents.

What if I need help implementing ShareFile? What if I need help troubleshooting later on?

We offer white glove onboarding for customers, complete with personalized training sessions and help from a dedicated onboarding specialist — all to make sure you, your employees and your clients are comfortable using a new tool. And we offer 24/7, U.S.-based customer support by phone and email free for customers for life.

No matter your industry, ShareFile has a file-sharing solution to suit your needs. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial!

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