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"Share a File, Save a Tree"

Key takeaways:

When you store and share files online, you not only simplify your workday, but you also do your part for the enivronment.

Citrix ShareFile stored 86 million files in the last year alone. If the average file size represents 5 pages, that ends up being:

  • 430 million sheets of paper not used
  • $28 million dollars saved in ink
  • 2,150 tons of standard copy paper saved

That's the equivalent of 51,600 trees! And since those trees are still standing, they're able to provide oxygen for 25,800 people.

Producing just one ton of copy paper releases 5,690 pounds of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which equals siz months of a car's exhaust fumes. That means in the last year, ShareFile helped offset the equivament of 12.2 million pounds of greenhouse gases- the same as 1,075 years worth of exhaust fumes. 

By not printing all those files and saving all those trees, ShareFile customers also helped save millions of dollars that otherwise would have been spent on environmental protections:

  • $32,250,000 worth of oxygen released into the air
  • $69,984,000 worth of air pollution control
  • $32,250,000 worth of soil erosion control

Switch your business to online file sharing and storage and make a real difference for the environment! Learn more about how ShareFile can help you save ink and paper, try it free!