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The Drawbacks of SFTP Protocol

For those businesses looking to find a secure transfer option, SFTP protocol is one solution typically considered to transfer files safely without compromising sensitive data. But there are vulnerabilities with using it. Another option provides a more reliable alternative transfer method for businesses looking to protect themselves against data loss.

What is SFTP protocol?

Secure FTP, or SSH File Transfer Protocol, is a method for transferring data over a secure channel (Secure Shell). Although this protocol uses encryption and client-user authentication to protect both local and remote data, its transfer speed tends to be slow and require additional software.

There’s a faster option that offers more easy-to-use features as well — Citrix ShareFile. Let’s review its advantages.

Get better security without the drawbacks

No matter your purpose, finding the most secure option for transferring files is critical, especially when sending confidential or sensitive information. At ShareFile, we make your data security our priority, and we strive to provide cloud-based file management solutions that are user-friendly and efficient based on the principles of:


 ○ Your information can be secured behind 128-bit SSL encryption, the same used by financial institutions and the U.S. government. 

 ○ Our servers store data using the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption protocol.

 ○ We also offer daily third-party security audits, off-site data backups and data monitoring to ensure constant secure accessibility.

 ○ Other features include firewalls, virus scanners, share link expiration and a remote wipe tool.


 ○ Track, monitor and log complete file activity. ID verification and password protection are necessary to ensure the safe viewing and downloading of your records.

 ○ Quickly revoke access to third-party editors when necessary.


 ○ ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows you to attach files that normally exceed an email’s file-size limit.


  ○ Your account provides secure access from any device, mobile or stationary, connected from any network.

● Limitations

  ○ Storage plan options start at 100 GB, and our platform allows users to send files up to 100 GB.

● Interaction

  ○ Customize your portal to match your business, providing coworkers and clients a sense of community and ensuring the image of your brand is always present.


To learn more about how you can benefit from ShareFile as an alternative to the usual SFTP options, contact us to start your free trial today!