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Seven Ways Citrix ShareFile Improves Workflow for Investment Advisors and Their Clients

By Sarah Gould, Citrix ShareFile

The wide adoption of online banking and other web resources has created an environment where investors are no longer accustomed to delays such as waiting for quarterly reports to arrive in the mail. Investors have a wealth of information available at their fingertips. Investment advisors need advanced strategies and tools to keep up with clients’ expectations, retain loyalty and attract new business.

Virtual (cloud-based) document vaults are increasingly popular tools for file sharing between advisors and investors. Document vaults provide space online where investment advisors can load files and allow their coworkers and clients to log in and download information. Sending reports through a vault instead of a traditional mailing can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each quarter in supplies, postage, and employee hours. Newsletters and marketing materials can be posted to a vault for investors to review at their leisure. A virtual document vault provides an unprecedented level of mobility and builds a high level of trust between you and your clients. Vaults provide up-to-date security features to keep client files safe and make it simple to maintain transparency.


“ShareFile removed annoying, time-consuming user training, support and debugging. It is simply highly intuitive and reliable.”

-Bob Forbes, Forbes M&A

What makes a Citrix ShareFile document vault the best solution for investment advisors?

Citrix ShareFile provides an ideal solution for investment advisor firms and broker dealers. The web-based document vault stores, encrypts and shares files with your client base and other professionals, including clients’ attorneys and accountants. Set up folders, files and user access individually or in bulk to begin sending files within minutes of opening a new vault.


ShareFile offers seven key features that can help you set up the document vault, transfer files and build trust with your clients in minutes.

1. Transfer files in seconds — right from your desktop

ShareFile easily integrates with your day-to-day workflow. Desktop tools are available to send files securely without opening your web browser, saving time and eliminating the frustration of searching for and attaching files.

Desktop sync

Copy or save a file into a local synced folder to automatically load the file in the vault. Upload entire quarterly report mailings in minutes by simply saving the PDFs to local client folders.

Desktop widget

Use the desktop widget to access all ShareFile folders and files in an explorer interface. Share the widget with clients so they can transfer files without logging into the web interface. Drag and drop reports between the widget and your desktop, Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to upload and download files. Send newsletters or other documents as secure links directly through built-in email.

2. Send secure email attachments

ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook allows you to send large documents and reports as convenient ShareFile links in email. The links are as simple for the recipient to work with as standard attachments and <feature the same high level of encryption as any download from your vault.

ShareFile plugin

+ Attach files and folders as ShareFile links using the same steps as selecting a normal attachment.

+ Set security preferences to determine expiration, password-protection and more.

+ Create upload links to let clients send completed forms and other documents back to you through the vault.

3. Receive real-time notifications of activity

Automated email notifications keep everyone up-to-date on new activity. Unlike read receipts, ShareFile notifications do not require clients to choose whether or not to send a notice when they open email, so you get to choose how frequently you want to be notified of access to files. In addition, ShareFile provides complete records of file access activity. Clients may also receive automated notifications. Turn on notifications, and ShareFile will alert your clients when new files are added to their folders.

4. Work from anywhere, anytime

With ShareFile mobile apps, your employees and clients can access your vault from any smartphone or tablet. A client may reference their most recent report as soon as it is available, in the office or on the road. An advisor may pull up documents on an iPad at a dinner or meeting outside of the office to review with clients, colleagues and other professionals.

ShareFile mobile applications

Apps are available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, BlackBerry phones and Windows Phone. With ShareFile mobile apps you can easily:

+ Change permissions on the go by editing folder access lists from your mobile device. + Browse folders to preview, open and read files.

+ Use built-in email to send files or request new files.

+ Upload new files to your vault from iOS and Android devices.


“We are not sure how we would efficiently, and optimally, run our practice without Sharefile.”

-David Gratke, Gratke Wealth, LLC.

5. Advanced reporting and auditing

Any document vault solution you choose should help you meet increasingly strict standards for record-keeping and privacy. ShareFile combines the control operations and IT departments need to ensure best practices, with the tools and flexibility that advisors and clients require.

Firms use ShareFile’s powerful auditing features and permanent file storage to satisfy strict record-keeping requirements. Advanced reporting and auditing tools track all changes, logins, uploads and downloads. ShareFile also saves all versions of files shared with clients. And with ShareFile’s financial archiving feature, firms can maintain an archive of all file activity for three years or more to meet SEC regulations. Files stored or sent with the ShareFile vault are encrypted while in transit and at rest and may be password protected.

6. World-class customer support when you need it

ShareFile strives to offer the best customer support in the industry. Each firm is contacted by a dedicated account manager who will serve as a point of contact for any questions that come up throughout the life of the account. Account managers conduct training sessions and consultations to discuss best practices and suggest tools that will be the best fit for your firm. Should any problems or technical questions arise, the ShareFile support team is also available through phone, chat and email support seven days a week.

7. Integrate your vault with your website

ShareFile is an extension of your firm’s online presence. Your vault is customized to feature your logo and branding. Integrate your vault with your website to allow clients to log in or even upload files to you directly from your website.

Implementing a document vault provides better workflow for your employees and more value to your clients. The right vault can securely manage everyday paperwork and mailing tasks and let you focus on investments. Call 1-800-441-3453 or visit ShareFile for Financial Services to learn how a secure document vault from ShareFile can save time and improve client communicationsn, and try ShareFile free for 30 days.


“Our clients’ response has been quite positive, and their use of the system has been higher than we first anticipated.”

-Heather Gudac, Financial Symmetry