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Sending Secure Downloads Via Email

Attaching files to email is not the most secure way to transfer files. Even with encryption, emails pass through multiple servers in the public domain to reach their recipient. So to send a file for a secure download, the best method is not to attach a file at all. Send a link via Citrix ShareFile instead.

Secure File Transfers Using Email

When your business works with ShareFile, you don't have to worry about a file transfer's security. You'll never need to attach a file again. Instead, we give you a randomly generated link to access it. Because you set the permissions for viewing, printing or downloading, the link is useless to an unauthenticated user.

If you need to document how the file was shared, you can just click on a report that shows who has accessed it. Your business isn't just secure — it's responsive, productive and compliant.

Understanding the Risks of Email

Let's say you want to send tax information to your accountant. You compress the files, attach them to your email and hit send. The email goes first to a domain name server to identify the recipient's email server. Then it makes its way electronically through a series of servers in the public domain until it reaches its destination.

Your email to the accountant has an attachment which most likely has your Social Security number or EIN, your bank account information and credit card statements. Don't think hackers aren't watching for that email, especially around tax season.

Secure File Sharing

What ShareFile offers you and your customers is the opportunity to share files without ever releasing them into the public domain. In the example above, here's what happens. You upload your tax documents to our portal secured with the latest transport layer security protocol. You use our encrypted email solutions that generate a link to the file or the whole folder. Click "Send."

The accountant has to be authenticated to access the information and it never leaves our encrypted and protected data center. You set permissions for who can see the file and what they do with it. And because we've all sent emails to the wrong person, you can revoke access even after the email is sent.

One-Stop Shop

We offer everything you need to digitally store, share, transfer and sign documents. On the go? You get it all on a single mobile app, too. Access any of your files any time, anywhere.

Sending files to download from a email isn't secure. Instead, try it our way with a 30-day, free trial. ShareFile is built for your business.