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Send PDF Files

Many businesses work with and send PDF files every day, but these files can be difficult to work with when it’s time to share them with coworkers or people outside of the company. Often containing hundreds of thousands of pages with images and text, PDF documents can become very large. This poses a problem when these files are sent via email. Email attachments are often limited in size to only a few megabytes, which means that any larger PDFs have to be zipped or even sent via a different method. Further, PDFs may include personal or company information that should not be shared except between the sender and intended recipient. These files need additional protections and should not be sent as plain text attachments.

ShareFile makes sending large PDF files simple

Fortunately, ShareFile offers cloud-based solutions to help businesses securely send PDFs and other files up to 10 GB. Unlike email attachments, ShareFile does not require any compression or processing of files prior to sending. Users can simply upload a file to ShareFile and then send a link, allowing the recipient to download the file.

  • Require password before download to ensure that your data remains private.
  • Integrate ShareFile into your normal workflow with the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.
  • Keep PDF files organized and available for re-sending and review in your ShareFile online portal.
  • Maintain confidentiality with file encryption during upload, download and storage on ShareFile servers.

It’s easy to get started. Sign up for a 30-day free trial and send PDF files instantly with ShareFile.