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Sending Large Files Without Large Headaches

“An error occurred when attempting to send your file. File size is too large.”

These are the dreaded words nobody ever wants to see flash across the monitor when trying to send an important file. What are you to do? Break the file apart and send it in pieces? Doing so can hinder client expectations or team collaboration.

Fortunately, it’s easy to silence those error messages. Users of the popular Citrix ShareFile Business or Enterprise plans can store an unlimited amount of files and transfer up to 100 GB at a time. This is ideal — necessary, even — for companies who rely on sending large files to make the business wheels turn.

How large is large?

Well, try 100 GB. Sounds impressive, but what exactly can you do with that?

● Send a file containing 10 million emails

● Transfer over 25,000 photos

● Share over 20,000 songs

● Transmit 62 hours of HD video

The ability to send large files with ShareFile is perfect for the architects, construction companies, engineers and real estate professionals we serve. And being cloud-based, you can send those large files from home or on the go from any supported device.

With large file transfers come with large security risks. ShareFile cuts no corners when ensuring those files are transferred securely. A 256-bit AES encryption with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols, regular backups to multiple datacenters and customizable user settings are just some of the ways we make sure your large files find their destination unharmed.

We also offer a file versioning feature so you can revert back to previous versions of modified files, activity tracking so you can see details of any changes and alerts to notify you when a file is downloaded.

Want to try ShareFile for 30 days and send large files for free? Sign up for a free trial in just seconds and say goodbye to pestering error messages.



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