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Send Encrypted Emails and Attachments

Do you really need to encrypt your company's email? You're not some big global enterprise, just a small business with a couple dozen employees.

That's exactly why hackers have a big fat target on your email system. Email encryption is simple to implement and protects your business communications. If you think that's not a big deal, it will be.

FAQ: Encrypting Email and Sending Attachments

Small to medium size businesses tend to think hackers have no interest in their emails or networks. But that's definitely not the case. Encrypting your email is a smart move.

Here are some frequently asked questions about securing your email.

Q. What does an encrypted email look like?

Encryption protects the email while it travels across any number of servers on the internet to reach its destination. It also authenticates the sender and recipient.

Q. How does encryption work?

At Citrix ShareFile, we send secure email with AES 256-bit encryption, governed by SSL/TLS protocols. It's safe enough to send medical files that are regulated by HIPAA. These protocols use two random strings of numbers (called keys) to authenticate the interactions between servers that transport your email. You'll notice when you transfer files to your account, our secure portal URL starts with HTTPS. That means we're using SSL/TLS protocols to protect the file transport.

Q. We use Outlook — can we encrypt that?

Yes. The steps may vary depending on the version of your application. Set up Outlook to encrypt every email and not give users control over deciding what should be encrypted or not.

Q. What about file attachments?

Encrypting your email doesn't mean your attachment is encrypted as well. You can add passwords or use an encryption application to protect your attachments. But you still have to communicate the password, and including it in the email defeats the purpose.

Q. What's the easiest way to send encrypted email and attachments?

At Citrix ShareFile, we offer secure email services for our clients to share their documents and transfer files. With the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, your emails and attachments are encrypted in one click. Forget about complicated applications and add-ons — even your recipients' responses are encrypted without downloading anything.

Important business documents aren't floating around in the public domain. Your files stay safe and secure in our SSAE 16 Type II certified datacenters.

Sign up for a free, 30-day trial and see how simple and secure sending encrypted emails and attachments can be.