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How to Send a 10 GB File Over the Internet

Some files are just too big to send using email. Other files are sensitive and require security. Some secure cloud-based file sharing services like Citrix ShareFile allow you to send 10 GB files with ease.

Why cloud-based sharing is the best option to send 10 GB files

Of course when the computer you want to share with is close by, sharing large files is a breeze. But what if you want to share files with someone in another city or across the globe?

When email just can’t cut it, file sharing allows users to send large files and data. There are different types of file sharing that vary in their level of security and their file size limit.

Cloud-based file sharing offers the best of both worlds. While many free online file-sharing services allow users to send only 2 GB of data, ShareFile offers many affordable plans that allow users to send 10 GB files.

Benefits of ShareFile

In addition to the ability to send 10 GB files, ShareFile allows files to transfer quickly. While secure FTP servers or other transfer methods are often slow and unreliable, ShareFile provides high-speed transfers with the click of a button. If your Internet ever does fail, your file will resume sending right where it left off when you come back online.

At ShareFile, we also provide best-in-class security, with 256-bit encryption. This level of security allows you to safely transfer large files — from HIPAA-protected medical data to sensitive financial documents — without fear.

Whether you are a mom-and-pop business or a large corporation looking for new ways to send files as large as 10 GB, ShareFile has an affordable, custom plan for you. Sign up for a free trial today. Call 1-800-441-3453 or visit