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Securely Transferring Files Over the Internet is a Critical Need

Modern society depends on the secure transfer of files over the Internet. Gone are the days of  sending paper documents or relying on clunky FTP servers prone to failure. Cloud-based file-sharing services like Citrix ShareFile allow you to securely transfer files over the Internet with confidence.

Secure file sharing provides a crucial role

Without the ability to securely transfer files over the Internet, the business world as we know it would grind to a standstill. Mitigate this tremendous risk to businesses with ease. Allow Citrix ShareFile to keep your data secure and private.

99 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust ShareFile with their secure files. High-grade data encryption and compliance with HIPAA and other regulations make us a trusted resource for companies looking to securely transfer files over the Internet.

Encryption is key

There are other methods of transferring files, such as FTP servers, but the encryption methods used by ShareFile offer a greater level of protection. We provide best-in-class security, with plans and custom packages to fit the budget of any size business.

Speedy file transfers

Cloud-based file sharing provides high transfer speeds without giving up security. Sending larger files more quickly gives us an advantage over traditional FTP servers. Securely transferring files over the Internet is simple. Just point, click and send. There are no downloads, no plugins and no problems.

We back up all of your data and store information at accredited datacenters across multiple locations.

Rely on a helper

Cyber security may be the most pressing issue facing citizens today, but we are happy to offer a solution. As a ShareFile customer, you'll talk to real people in our U.S.-based call center, ready to help you securely transfer files over the Internet all day, every day.

Let Citrix ShareFile help you safely share your important data files. Call 1-800-441-3453 or start a free trial today!