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Securely Share, Sync, Edit and Store Large Files in the Cloud

Built for Business

+ White labeling – Custom-brand your web portal with ShareFile and link to your own website.

+ Concierge-style customer service – Access complete and unlimited support, 24/7, from our award-winning Customer Care team.

+ Automatic file sync – Collaborate in real time with automatic file updates, so you are always working on the most updated version.

Total Security

+ Robust tracking – Monitor workflow by tracking individual usage and monitoring uploads and downloads of files through audit logs. 

+ Multi-level access control – Designate control of files with user permissions that can be set at the individual file or folder level.

+ Remote wipe – Enable IT or an administrator to delete company files from the devices of any exiting employee or from a lost of stolen device.

Ease of Use

+ Secure tools – Send and request files directly from Microsoft Outlook.

+ Instant access – Access, edit or share data from any device, smartphone or tablet, including Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

+ Flexible use – Securely send and receive documents up to 10 GB in size.



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