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What to Look For in a Secure FTP Client Service

When businesses need to transfer large files, they have traditionally turned to an FTP client transfer system. But setting up an FTP site requires a lofty investment, and it is not totally secure. Fortunately, there’s an alternative with Citrix ShareFile — get the file transfer capacity of an FTP without its headaches.

Don’t settle for less than all the features you need

Over the years, technological advancements have improved how we approach data management significantly, but they have also made the need for higher security standards more critical than ever before. While secure FTP client services can provide encrypted SSH protection and authentication that traditional FTP can’t, it doesn’t cover other necessary features, including:

    ● Efficient transfer speeds

    ● Flexible data access

    ● Additional firewall reconfiguration or software requirement

At ShareFile, we strive to provide cloud-based file management solutions that are both highly secure and user-friendly, particular in contrast to FTP. Some key features and functions of our easy-to-use interface include:

1. Reliability — Access your account from anywhere using a network-connected device. Track and monitor complete file activity with ID verification and password protection. Restrict access to third-party editors. Take comfort in off-site data backups and 24/7 data monitoring.

2. Security — We use 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the same used by banks and the government; AES 256-bit encryption protocol; firewalls and virus scanners; share link expiration; remote wipe tool; and daily third-party security audits.

3. Ease of Use — You get email integration using the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook that allows users to send files larger than typical maximum file-size limit. Storage plans start with 100 GB of space, and you can send and share files of up to 100 GB.

4. Customization — Create a custom-branded portal representative of your brand’s image through which you and your coworkers or clients can interact.

Start benefiting from the robust FTP alternative ShareFile provides today. Share files with one person or 100 — without compromising your data.



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