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3 Ways Secure File Sharing Services Save Money

Relying on the cloud to share data has many benefits — security, convenience and easy access, for starters. Trusting a secure file sharing service can also lead to big savings. Services like Citrix ShareFile offer affordable, secure file sharing options for businesses of all sizes.

Why secure file sharing services are cost effective

In a recent survey, more than 60 percent of businesses said cloud computing allowed them to invest more money in their businesses, with profits increasing by more than 20 percent.

Secure file sharing services like ShareFile are allow small businesses to compete in the digital world. Here's how:

1. Secure file sharing services eliminate the need for costly servers. For years, companies relied on expensive in-house servers to store and share documents. Migrating away from physical servers to the cloud has helped many businesses' bottom line.

In addition, file transfer protocol (FTP) servers have questionable security. Breaches cost time and money. ShareFile uses 128-bit SSL encryption during transfer and AES 256-bit encryption during storage — the same security trusted by e-commerce leaders and financial institutions.

2. Businesses can succeed with fewer support staff members. For many businesses, personnel is the largest line item in their IT budget. The costs of salaries and benefits can be staggering for small companies and startups. ShareFile includes 24/7 customer service with its plans, giving you peace of mind someone will always be there for technical assistance.

3. Less on-site storage means saving on office space. In-house servers are bulky and often take up an entire room. The high cost of property makes this a burden for small businesses. Minimize your real estate footprint by adopting a secure file sharing service in the cloud. ShareFile offers file sharing and storage with click of a mouse, allowing employees to access important digital data from anywhere.

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