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Secure File Sharing for Real Estate Professionals

Security has emerged as a high priority in real estate in the Internet age due to client concerns about how and where their information on electronic files will be exposed without their written consent. You need to be proactive in stopping such disclosures to avoid possible disruptions to your firm or agency. But you also need the solutions and tools you choose to not hinder or complicate your work. Whether you work in a residential brokerage, commercial brokerage, property management or development company, ShareFile is the trusted file-sharing solution for real estate professionals to handle these challenges and more.

Encryption on multiple levels

ShareFile offers you encryption from start to finish — from exchanging information right from your inbox using a secure link or the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook or from within a ShareFile portal. Encrypted email protects both the body as well as attachments of an email when sent. And recipients can always respond with an encrypted email even if they aren’t ShareFile customers — no downloads, usernames, passwords or plugins required.

As a business-grade solution, ShareFile protects files uploaded during transfer with SSL/TLS encryption protocols and stores them using AES 256-bit encryption, he same used by the U.S. government. State-of-the-art storage uses SSAE 16 Type II certified datacenters, proven and trusted cloud infrastructure.

Collectively, these measures ensure that you can send, receive and store investor reports, owner reports, disclosures, executing contracts and other sensitive documents safely.

Admin control of your data

ShareFile gives you granular security control of user permissions, so you can determine who to include and who to restrict. You can designate which actions clients are allowed to take, including uploading, downloading or deleting files.

Files and folders are available for encrypted, password-protected download via a custombranded client vault. You can provide an unlimited number of clients, agents and colleagues with unique logins where they’ll find their own secure space, and you can limit their access only to the documents you deem relevant. Additionally, you can run reports on permissions or accounts usage to easily check if each client has access to the correct files and folders.

With more than 25 customizable permissions settings, ShareFile puts you in control of the information you handle. That includes if you lose your laptop, tablet or smartphone or have them stolen — you can remotely wipe your device to keep your data safe no matter what happens.

VDRs for your most confidential deals

For commercial brokers that need an extra layer of protection for transactions involving major properties, ShareFile Virtual Data Room (VDR) offers a due diligence solution that makes it easy to control, share and track sensitive information. Advanced security features include dynamic watermarking and view-only permissions that make unauthorized sharing virtually impossible and a proprietary print-view that lets you grant print access to users with robust tracking.

With ShareFile VDR, you control securing, accessing and releasing your most sensitive business documents on a “need-to-know” basis that’s completely under your control. Set access and determine permissions down to the person, the file, even the time of day. Establish alerts and notifications to your liking as well.

Because ShareFile VDR runs in the cloud, there are no downloads or installs for you or your users. It is simple to set up and use, with no manual nor training required for you to upload massive amounts of data fast and securely.

Legally binding e-signature for transactions

Legally binding electronic signatures, or e-signatures, help you get signatures for lease agreements and applications and other transactions faster, cheaper and easier than faxing or mailing paper documents. You are in full compliance with U.S. laws when using e-signatures from ShareFile.

And there’s less room for error with e-signatures from ShareFile because they keep client files more organized. Automated email alerts will remind delinquent recipients and notify you when they have received, opened and signed the document. Documents sent for signature from ShareFile are automatically returned to their original folders once signed. Save on printing, postage and labor costs with e-signatures, and free up time to better serve your clients as well. It’s the secure and convenient way of completing deals.

Built for business from the ground up to be a secure, easy-to-use and professional web-based system for collaboration, ShareFile provides you with easy-to-manage administrative controls and tools to dictate a the best possible client experience.

See why so many real estate professionals trust ShareFile with their file share, storage and security needs. Visit ShareFile for Real Estate to learn more, and try ShareFile free for 30 days.