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Secure file sharing: A guide to online file sharing for business

Online file sharing and storage are critical functions; a twenty-first century business has to be able to make full use of its digital data. While there are a variety of solutions available, secure file sharing for business is an area in which many businesses make critical security and usability errors. These can be costly, so let's learn how to avoid them.

How businesses share secure files

Citrix ShareFile is a cloud storage solution used by thousands of businesses around the globe to share files safely and securely. And while we don't cut corners when it comes to performance, security remains our number-one priority.


When a file is uploaded to the cloud, we code the text using AES 256-bit encryption, the same coding system used by the U.S. Government for top secret files. The text remains encrypted during storage and is only decoded upon download by an approved user.



The servers used to store uploaded files are SSAE 16 accredited, undergo regular security audits and perform regular backups to other servers around the globe.


Password control

Password configurations are at your disposal, including character length and type, expirations, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on. A PIN can even be created and required to download a file.


Remote wipe

If a device is lost or stolen, any stored files can be remotely wiped clean. Files can also self-destruct after a period of inactivity or after a select number of days following download.


Activity reports

Administrators are alerted when a file is downloaded and activity reports track and record all changes made to a document. Previous versions of files can be viewed and reverted back.



You can grant view-only permissions to select users and use watermarks to discourage unauthorized distribution.

Don't compromise the security of your business. See the additional ways we help companies share files securely, and sign up for a free 30 day trial.

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