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Citrix ShareFile: Secure File Sharing and Email for Insurance Professionals

Get a better way to send emails and files and collect signatures — securely and simply. With ShareFile, you can save time, cut paperwork, support compliance with insurance industry regulations, get instant e-signatures and know the second your recipients download files for faster follow up.

Learn how you can change the way you work.

How ShareFile helps insurance professionals

When you need to share policies, applications, enrollment forms, census data and other documents with clients in a seamless and secure transaction, ShareFile is the trusted solution.

Affordable and simple, there’s no big software to install — ShareFile works with the tools you already use. For your customers, there are no logins or passwords, so it’s simple for them to sign and send back documents. Automatic notifications tell you when files are received, letting you easily track their status.

A survey found 95% of ShareFile customers are likely to recommend it to others. Why? Read on!

Life and health carriers, brokers and agencies

You don’t just need to protect that census data or other PII or PHI — you’re obligated to by law. Life and health insurance professionals must follow regulations and guidelines that affect how you send applications, census data for group benefits and other documents.

Don’t waste time with mailing CDs. You need a secure way to email and track data. With ShareFile, you can:

+ Use email in a way that supports compliance with HIPAA, CFPB and other regulations.

+ Send files up to 100 GB by email — messages and attachments are secure.

+ Request files from others and track emails and files to know the second someone views a file.

Property and casualty carriers, brokers and agencies

Applications. Policies. Brochures. Contracts. Process forms. It’s tedious to get these and other documents to your customers and hear back from them in a timely manner. What you want is something that works fast for everyone involved. That’s why ShareFile is essential.

With ShareFile, you can:

+ Use the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to email files up to 100 GB — securely.

+ Give recipients a simple way to open and send you files back — no password or software downloads required.

+ Control and track your files to know when someone downloads a file you sent for faster follow up. + Get legally binding electronic signatures in seconds.

Thanks to ShareFile, you’ll be able to get more time back for your other customers — and for yourself.

Learn more

Learn more about how ShareFile can work for you at ShareFile for Insurance, and try ShareFile free for 30 days.