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Secure E-Signature + File Sharing = Real Savings For Your Firm

How many documents do you send for signature to clients each year? If your law firm has a large client list, you know that the process of obtaining signatures is often cumbersome and frustrating.

Whether you are sending contracts, engagement letters, policy applications or any other document that requires a client signature, you probably spend significant time and money packaging and sending documents, keeping track of recipient lists, matching records upon return and following up with anyone who does not return a document. In some cases, clients may even return documents without signing every field, requiring you to send documents back and forth multiple times. It’s a laborintensive approach to what should — and can — be a simple process.

“ShareFile helps us easily and securely send important documents and video material to our lawyers, experts and clients wherever they are.”

-Mike Doyle, Doyle Raizner, LLP

There is an easier way!

An e-signature solution reduces the time it takes to get a signature — no mailing, printing or scanning needed. Signing documents electronically lets you bypass the problems of manually sending documents for signature. Recipients are more likely to respond quickly because signing is easy and takes very little time to complete.

Additionally, when properly executed, e-signatures are legally binding and carry the same validity and enforceability of penand- paper documents.

E-signature systems let you get a signature faster, cheaper and easier than faxing or mailing. Leave less room for error by keeping client files more organized. Save on printing, postage and labor costs and free up time to better serve your clients.

Get documents signed quickly, easily and professionally.

Citrix ShareFile + RightSignature provides a complete solution. By combining one of the easiest e-signature tools on the market with top-of-the-line business file share system, you create a seamless process for obtaining signatures and organizing and storing documents. Simply choose which files to send for signature from ShareFile. Once your recipient signs and submits the document, it is automatically saved back into the same folder in ShareFile. It’s easy to manage and track documents as a result.

Easy, secure file sharing from anywhere.

Citrix ShareFile is a file-sharing service that gives you a high level of control and security over data. With secure data storage and transfer using 256-bit SSL encryption, customized usage and branding solutions, award-winning customer service, and mobile apps and tools, ShareFile allows you to easily access and share files from any device — anytime, anywhere.

Fast, simple and professional e-signature for your law firm.

RightSignature is the simplest, most efficient way to get your documents signed. Industry leading technology comprised of world-class cloud infrastructure and a comprehensive set of highly refined features provides an elegant, intuitive user interface for both document senders and signers.

Send a document for signature.

When you activate RightSignature with ShareFile, you can select any document (RightSignature supports DOC, DOCX and PDF documents and more) from ShareFile to “Get Signature,” and the file will open in the RightSignature interface. Specify signers and signature fields, type subject and message, and send from RightSignature.

Your recipient can access and sign the document online from any web browser, mobile device or tablet. Signers don’t need a ShareFile account to sign, just an email address and a web browser. And because the signature pad enables a realistic, wet-looking signature, the final document will look the same as if it was signed with pen and paper.

Once the document is signed, you and the recipient receive an email confirmation, and the document is automatically saved back to your ShareFile account with “-signed.pdf” added to the file name.

How you can benefit from ShareFile + RightSignature

ShareFile + RightSignature is a great solution for law firms. Here are a few scenarios where e-signature can help:

Legal agreements:

Your firm needs clients to sign these documents, so you must set up meetings at specified dates, times and locations and wait for signatures from all parties involved. Simplify the process and close high-value transactions quickly and securely in minutes by sending everyone involved agreements that can walk signers through completing form fields and create handwritten signatures in the browser to send back in minutes.

Engagement letters:

Reduce the aggravation of signing up clients and improve your communication with them at the same time. With ShareFile + RightSignature, you don’t have to spend time printing or faxing these letters or going over them in person. Instead, you close business with just an email and have a record in your account that confirms and keeps track of the documentation as well.


New employees have to sign IRS Form I-9 (the Employment Eligibility Verification), Non-Disclosure Agreements and other forms to bring them into HR compliance along with other members of your firm. Get employees up to speed faster by sending these documents electronically and mandating which fields need to be completed. Your firm will eliminate printing costs and delays by having them finish and return the items prior to their first day of work.
Reduce postage costs, time and labor with a seamless e-signature and file-sharing solution. ShareFile + Right-Signature makes it easy to send, receive, track and store signed documents, allowing you to eliminate cumbersome processes and stay organized. Get signatures faster, cheaper and easier — all while protecting confidential client information.

Save time and money — an easy solution for you and your clients.

Contact ShareFile at 1-855-872-4016 or visit the ShareFile for Legal page to learn more about how ShareFile + RightSignature can work for you, and try ShareFile free for 30 days.