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Secure Data Transfer Protocols: File Transfer Protocols for Your Business

File transfer protocols in a secure shell are a wonderful way to handle secure data transfers via the Internet. These are tools every business needs to keep client data safe and secure and to protect internal communications. So, how can you get the most out of secure data transfer protocols? By finding the right approach for your needs.

Understanding secure data transfer protocols

Online, cloud-based file-sharing services like Citrix ShareFile provide security you can trust and performance that allows effortless, reliable data transfer. Learn more about the other methods of file sharing to see the benefits of ShareFile.

File Transfer Protocol servers, or FTPs, have existed for years and are servers with a common set of rules, allowing users to send files through cyberspace. Unfortunately, these useful tools vary in their level of security and privacy.

SSH (secure shell) protocol requires users to download additional programs on their computers. SSH provides an encrypted connection, and its usage can be compared to the difference between visiting ordinary websites and visiting so-called secure websites.

Secure data transfer protocols, also known as Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP, offer more protection. Encryption and user authentication prevent passwords and sensitive information from transmitting clearly over your network. Though security is less of a problem with secure data transfer protocols, SFTPs are often limited by slow speeds, file loss during transfer and inconvenient timeouts.

ShareFile offers an alternative

Adopt cloud-based file sharing to send files without the security issues or crawling transfer speeds of secure data transfer protocols. ShareFile provides best-in-class protection. Relying on 256-bit encryption meeting Federal Information Processing Standards, your data is protected and secure. In fact, 99 percent of Fortune 500 companies trust us with their data.

We also offer speed and simplicity secure data transfer protocol server's can't match. There are no additional programs to download, and transferring a large file is as simple as sending an email. If you do experience problems, our U.S.-based customer service department offers twenty-four hour help.

Most importantly, ShareFile offers custom plans for businesses of every size. With an option for any budget, simple and secure file sharing is affordable and readily available. Try ShareFile free for 30 days.