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How You Can Easily and Securely Transfer Data Over the Internet

Over 204 million emails a minute were sent in 2013. Were yours protected?

When you think of secure data transfer over the Internet, email is where business intelligence is most frequently shared. Citrix ShareFile is a premium solution for email encryption and cloud based file storage. No more unencrypted emails or unmonitored transfers. Control your data - protect your business.

Secure data sharing online

In 2013, 204 million emails and 640 terabytes of data were transferred on the Internet every 60 seconds. Not all of it got where it was going, not even close.

ShareFile lets businesses manage information sharing and data storage in one secure application. With more employees working remotely, protecting business intelligence is a higher priority than ever before. 

Using ShareFile, businesses support a comprehensive policy that minimizes the legal risk of transferring regulated data and PII over the Internet.

Start with email

With ShareFile, emails are secured using 256-bit encryption and SSL/TLS transfer protocols. Don't worry about training — our services won't disrupt your current processes. Use Outlook? No problem, use the ShareFile plugin and there's another plugin for Gmail. With no change for users, suddenly all your business communications are protected.

For regulated communications, our encryption protocols fulfill the requirements of HIPAA, HITECH and CFPB. ShareFile has more than 25 customizable security settings — share information with employees, clients or patients.

Even after an email is sent, ShareFile lets you revoke sharing privileges. This protects you from human error and accidental transmissions to the wrong email address.

File sharing standards

When a business has no secure tools for sharing data, employees are going to make their own choices. Suddenly your business intelligence is scattered around the Internet, uploaded to personal file sharing applications they naively think are secure.

Working with ShareFile, all your employees or vendors can securely share information and transfer data in a controlled, monitored environment. On a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, information is accessed easily across any device. Plus, ShareFile lets you convert email attachments to links to stored files.

Security is more than encryption

The best way to secure your data is to control who sees it. Your account interface at ShareFile lets you easily manage who has access to what data and even create workflows.

IT managers, who worry about the proliferation of unmonitored devices, can pull a report to see who shared what with whom. In fact, ShareFile is so easy to use any manager can generate those reports and monitor their account activity.

Start your free trial

Secure data transfer over the Internet is not an IT issue — it's business necessity. ShareFile is a customized cloud tool, branded for your business and supported 24/7 by our U.S.-based customer care team.

Don't wait for a breach to secure your data. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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